The Thermals are back with their seventh studio record, full of songs that explore love, loss and technology’s role in both.

Of course, the dark subject matter doesn’t mean Hutch Harris, Kathy Foster and Westin Glass have ditched their penchant for writing fun, catchy punk thrashers. When we caught up with the band, we talked about keeping a sense of spontaneity in a band that’s made six albums together. Drummer Westin Glass told us, “One thing we did on this new record to try and keep everything sounding fresh and loose was we would only do two or max three takes of any given song… A lot of bands, us included, the way you normally work is [to] sit there and do however many takes [you need].”

We Disappear was produced by Chris Walla, formerly of Death Cab For Cutie. While it’s no Decemberists record, you can hear a romantic thread tying jagged pieces together on songs like “My Heart Went Cold”. Frontman Hutch Harris acknowledges it’s a break-up record.

The band’s currently on a spring tour alongside Summer Cannibals. (Summer Cannibal’s Jessica Boudreaux has more or less become the band’s fourth member for now, playing second guitar.) The Thermals also opened for Bernie Sanders at the Moda Center last week. Listen our interview below, and see more performance videos via VuHaus.