Still among Portland’s most well-known and visible bands twenty years after their formation, The Dandy Warhols make a second stop by our studios, this time to play songs from their 13 Tales from Urban Bohemia. The band has been celebrating the 13th anniversary of that record out on tour this year, and it remains both their most crtically lauded and musically enduring. The Dandys play an extended, mini-amp, pop-up set for us, and talk about some of their memories surrounding the recording of 13 Tales and its legacy since.

Watch more videos of this performance on our YouTube page, and hear the entire session (performances + interview) below:


Audio engineer/mixing: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Randy Layton
Video editor: Nate Sjol
Videographers: Nate Sjol / Molly Gard / Jason Bernert
Interview: Jeremy Petersen
Session photos: Inger Klekacz
Executive Producer: David Christensen