When we heard earlier this year that Kildjate Moussa Abade, bassist in the Tuareg band Bombino, was in Portland recording with local musicians, we were intrigued. Bombino had recently played at Pickathon, and like Tinariwen and other Tuareg musicians from Northern Mali and Niger, plays what’s been called “desert blues” for its shifting rhythms and blues-friendly scales. “Moussa” had formed his own band, TisDass, and was in the Rose City to record with Portlanders Adam Baz and Patrick Phillips (drummer and bassist, both of like-minded Portland band Brainstorm), and guitarist Angelo Spencer from Olympia. Moussa’s visa would permit him a short stay, and we invited them in to play while they were all here. Given the short time the four had been working on these songs together, they’re virtually jamming on new material, though you’d never know it from how closely they fit together in this set. You can watch the full set on our YouTube page.

According to Adam Baz, Moussa is back in Niger currently, and planning to return to the U.S. in September. The group hopes to release a demo of the songs made at a Portland recording studio, in the near future.