The Portland psychedelic garage rock band, The Reverberations, recently stopped by the OPB studio to share songs from their “Move Along” EP, as well as a brand new track titled “Dreamcatcher” (which was just released today.) Although the group formed in 2014, their songs sound as if they time-traveled straight from the 1960s. With their paisley getups and trippy album artwork, created by drummer Ian Bixby, The Reverberations are committed to the authenticity of both their sound and look.

However, not everything is a blast from the past for this band, as they have some changes in store. The Reverberations plan to venture out to a solar-powered studio in Joshua Tree, California, to put finishing touches on an upcoming album. Departing from previous garage rock-oriented albums, singer and guitarist Dave Berkham, in an interview with opbmusic, hints that the new material includes lighter elements of psychedelia. “It’s gotten a little bit dreamier. We’ve gone a couple years [up] from 1964. We’re in ’66 or ’67 now.”

We sat down to discuss early influences (yes, Beatlemania still exists today), previous music projects and the Portland Nuggets Night that started it all. Watch video of the performance above and listen to our interview below.

The Reverberations will be starting a West Coast tour in November.