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Typhoon at OPB

Portland band Typhoon plays a set of songs from their new record, White Lighter, in our studio. Watch the performance here, listen to the audio interview below, and download the song “Artificial Light.” Typhoon plays their last show of what’s been a big year for them this Friday (Nov. 29th) at the Crystal Ballroom with Wild Ones and LAKE.


Hear the entire performance (and interview) below, and download the song “Artificial Light.”


Few bands in Portland attract the kind of emotional responses Typhoon does. With lyrics both earnest and soaring, horn flourishes, strings, and a pair of drumkits that sit at the front of the band, Typhoon’s songs move listeners along a swell of emotions that usually resolve into an ebullient end. From the time we first heard them in 2010, the band’s grown more assured-sounding, while keeping together the community of friends (11 band members plus their sound man) that comprise Typhoon. Those friendships are integral to the band’s existance: as frontman Kyle Morton says in the interview, “friends first, band second.”

The group convened at Pendarvis Farm last year to record their latest, White Lighter. Check out this Art Beat story about the band’s extended stay camping and recording at Pendarvis Farm.

Typhoon plays their final show of 2013 this Friday, November 29th at the Crystal Ballroom, joined by Wild Ones and LAKE.



Audio recording and mix: Steven Kray, with technical assistance from Bill Ward

Video production: Nate Sjol

Video shooters: Nate Sjol, Molly Gard and Marjorie Deocampo

Photos: Nathan Tang

Executive Producer: David Christensen

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