Portland quintet Wild Ones released a new EP, Heatwave, this summer. It’s the follow-up to their well-received debut record Keep it Safe.  That debut cemented the group’s place as a rising band in Portland, with songs full of hooks and humable tunes. According to frontwoman Danielle Sullivan, it also stuck the band with a label she didn’t want: of a band that’s always upbeat, or cute. Sullivan talked with OPB’s Aaron Scott about relishing the chance to write darker songs and even cast herself as the villain, and talks about the importance of making room for more strong women in music.

Watch the performance videos above, and listen to the songs and interview below. You can hear State of Wonder‘s feature on the band Saturday at noon on OPB Radio.

Wild Ones is singer Danielle Sullivan, guitarist Nick Vicario, keys player Thomas Hines, bassist Max Stein, and drummer Seve Sheldon.

The band’s currently on tour with Pure Bathing Culture. They play Chicago tonight and a string of dates in the Midwest and East Coast, returning West to Boise and Spokane for shows in mid-November. You can find all their tour dates here.


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