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Pickathon Woods Stage: Heartless Bastards

Heartless Bastards released their fifth album, Restless Ones, in 2015. That followed several years of almost constant touring from their base in Austin, Texas, before the band slowed down enough to write. Not surprisingly, the songs reflect a world-weariness and a persistent sense that it’s time to keep moving. In the chorus to “Down in the Canyon,” singer Erika Wennerstrom wails “And the hour is getting late..” Heartless Bastards played a gritty and powerful set on the Woods Stage at Pickathon.

Every month this year, opbmusic and NPR Music present another episode from the Pickathon Woods Stage, hand-picked by opbmusic to showcase some of the most exciting performances from the 2015 festival. Look for the next premiere in March.

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