Every month, opbmusic presents songs recorded live at Pickathon 2019 that showcase some of the festival’s most exciting performances.

Over the course of its 21 year run, Pickathon has grown from what was essentially a backyard bluegrass jam to a massive international event. The annual festival now welcomes bands and thousands of guests from around the world to the sleepy Portland suburb of Happy Valley. Pickathon has thrived by embracing innovation and bucking the negative stereotypes that fans associate with multi-day concerts. Nothing is really sacred there. But one constant in recent years has been the Woods Stage. Equal parts ethereal and organic, this unique performance space has come to set the tone for the entire festival. And the bands that have graced this tiny forested alcove have turned in some truly iconic (and eclectic) shows.

This past August on a warm Friday evening, Mountain Man performed such a set.

Formed in Vermont a decade ago, the vocal trio of Amelia Meath, Molly Erin Sarlé, and Alexandra Sauser-Monnig found immediate success with their debut record “Made The Harbor” before splintering off into other ventures. Most notably, Meath is now one half of electropop band Sylvan Esso. But last year, Mountain Man finally released a long-awaited followup album called “Magic Ship.”

At the Woods Stage, the trio performed songs both new and old to a captivated crowd. Heavily influenced by Appalachian and British folk, Mountain Man showcased their sparse but unimaginably complex three-part harmonies, including this stunning cover performance of the Fiona Apple song “Hot Knife.”