PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Public Broadcasting has named David Miller as on-air host of its popular radio program THINK OUT LOUD. Miller is an experienced radio producer and has served as the online host and backup host of THINK OUT LOUD since its inception.

Emily Harris, on-air host since 2007, has left and is pursuing other opportunities. She had been on the news staff at OPB for the past three years.

“We are pleased that David agreed to step into the on-air host position,” said Morgan Holm, OPB’s vice president of news and public affairs. “He has a great deal of experience and knowledge about the show since he was hired at the launch of the program. We are sure our listeners will enjoy David in his expanded role.”

Miller has had a long and noteworthy career in public broadcasting. He was a senior producer for the nationally distributed OPEN SOURCE radio program in Cambridge, Mass., created a series of radio documentaries with a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and aired stories on ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, WEEKEND EDITION and WEEKEND AMERICA. In New York City, Miller was a producer for Sound Portrait Productions with award-winning producer David Isay and contributed to several public broadcasting shows. He recently produced and hosted for OPB a series of programs on arts and culture in Oregon called THE SPEAKEASY.

In 1998, Miller received an A.B. degree in English with emphasis on American language and literature from Harvard University.


THINK OUT LOUD is OPB’s daily conversation about news, politics, culture and the arts. With Miller as host, the program will continue on its course of being a relevant place for listeners to connect and share conversation about key regional issues.

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