OREGON FIELD GUIDE joins a grueling two-day, 200-mile dogsled race in the snow-covered Wallowa Mountains — and the crew unexpectedly becomes part of the story. Tune in to the stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting on Thursday, September 23 at 8:30pm to experience the Eagle Cap Extreme — Oregon’s only Iditarod-qualifying dogsled race. Also an update on a dig in Paisley Cave near Summer Lake and a look at what Portland is doing to make bike riding safe.

Eagle Cap Extreme — This big event starts in the small town of Joseph. The Eagle Cap Extreme is a 200-mile adventure that takes 10 dogsled teams over passes, through canyons and forests, and up and down the steep grades of the Wallowa Mountains in the Eagle Cap wilderness. The closely bonded teams of mushers and dogs battle obstacles, cold and fatigue, but the winners come one step closer to qualifying for Alaska’s famed Iditarod. And the FIELD GUIDE crew battles problems of their own while covering this race.

Summer Lake Dig Update — FIELD GUIDE returns to Paisley Cave near Summer Lake in central Oregon to learn more about North America’s first occupants and how they lived. The arid conditions there preserve artifacts and bones excavated by a team of U of O researchers and students. Corpolites, or fossilized human waste, found in abundance there are yielding answers to how humans survived 14,000 years ago. Scientists have even been able to extract DNA evidence that links these inhabitants to Siberia. But plenty of mystery remains.

Portland Biking — Portland boasts more bicycle riders than most U.S. cities, so it’s no wonder city planners are doing all they can to make the area as bike friendly as possible. FIELD GUIDE looks at what traffic engineers are doing to track trouble spots for bikers and explore and adopt remedies modeled after successful European designs such as street “bike boxes” and bike boulevards. As a result, accident rates are low and getting lower.

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