From Our Fans



I’m not a vegetarian in any way, but the Jazzy Vegetarian really could convince me to try as a means of lowering my cholesterol. The recipes sound delicious and the one or two I made were a great success. Even my meat and potatoes husband was happy with them.

I served my dyed-in-the-wool, meat-eating husband his first vegan food—the Jazzy Vegetarian “Reuben”. Great success!! Thank you. Will try many more.

What a fabulous menu. Your choices seem always to be foods that I love. I’m going to watch this episode again. Thanks for your work and your wonderful show.
 - Lillian

May I please have the recipe for the cucumber soup?  I am not yet a vegetarian but it sure looked yummy and I would like to try it. Thank you so much.
 - Barbara

It is a great show for us vegetarians trying to go vegan. And thank you for the recipe.
 - Karen

I don’t usually watch cooking shows. Teaching wholesome lifestyle in a palatable way can only be a win-win. I admire your vision, your hard work & your professional results.
- Susan

I saw your show for the first time today and REALLY enjoyed it. I recently became a vegan and appreciate your program. Thank you
- Bonnie

I loved the show!!  The corn bread, nachos, and everything looked so good!  I am so happy to have found your website.  My husband and I have been vegetarian for over 20 years but just recently became vegan. Thank you.
- Donna

I stumbled upon your television show today. It was awesome! I am very excited to try all the recipes that you featured today. I would love to surprise my family.

 I can’t begin to thank you enough for giving the Jazzy Vegetarian a time slot for her show on your station. After becoming vegan, it was impossible to find a cooking show that actually catered to the non-meat eater. It was a relentless challenge going through YouTube video after video to find something of similar interest. Thanks to the brilliance of the folks at NJTV, you have made a lot of lives much easier with having a show of this caliber on the air.

Although I am not a vegetarian, I eat many vegetarian meals, a much better way of living. I am glad I stumbled upon your show, and hope to find many tasty recipes. Thank You!   

Your recipes are so good and use regular ingredients that I have on hand.
My non-vegetarian husband was impressed too. Thank you!

The recipes you make look colorful and appetizing. I really like that you use “normal” foods that are easily attainable. And most of the recipes are so easy even I can make them!!

I am so excited about your show! It was so wonderful to accidently happen upon it yesterday! Good luck and I am looking forward to watching next week!