OPB News and EarthFix will be holding Coffee Shop “Office Hours” in downtown Vancouver to discuss stories that impact the local community.

In attendance will be OPB reporter April Baer, EarthFix community engagement manager Toni Tabora-Roberts and Amanda Peacher, OPB’s public insight journalist.



Saturday, March 16

 10 a.m.- Noon



Java House

 210 W. Evergreen Boulevard (downtown Vancouver)



OPB News and EarthFix encourages the community to attend this event and want to know what stories they should be covering in the local area. What news from the Vancouver community should they know about? They are specifically interested in stories about government and the economy, with questions such as:

  •      In your experience, do you feel that the economy is improving?
  •      Is local government serving you?
  •      Do you have a green job?

For community members who cannot attend, but would like to share story ideas or other newsworthy experience, email with your thoughts or join OPB’s Public Insight Network, which is always looking for ways to better cover what’s going on in local communities.



EarthFix is a public media project of Oregon Public Broadcasting and Boise State Public Radio, Idaho Public Television, KCTS 9 Seattle, KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio, Northwest Public Radio and Television, Southern Oregon Public Television and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. For more information, visit 

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