The next episode of OPB’s OREGON EXPERIENCE takes you on a ride you’ll never forget.

 In 1959 Washington ranchers Don and June Mulford decided to attempt the first “Thru-Ride” from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. At the time the 2,400-mile trail stretching across California, Oregon and Washington was poorly marked and not fully coordinated between the three states. In California in particular the trail would often disappear for miles – and off maps — with no signs to show the way.

 To prepare for their ride, the Mulfords contacted the Forest Service and Park Services for maps and information. Invariably they were told that the trip couldn’t be done in one “season” or year because of changing weather conditions and the sheer length and logistics of the trip.

 But the Mulfords were determined and decided to give it a try. After trucking their horses to the Mexican border, they started their journey on April 19, 1959 and ended at the Canadian border on September 25, 1959.

 The trail carried Don and June from parched Southern California to high desert to rugged mountain passes perched on the spines of the High Sierras and Cascade Mountains. They kept going despite treacherous snow, fog and rain.

 With film equipment they’d purchased before the trip, the Mulfords documented daily life on the trail, stunning scenery and captured surprises, that will delight viewers.

 It was an adventure of a lifetime. The Mulfords became the first horseback riders to complete the trip in one season. Their trip attracted media attention from their first day on the trail until their successful finish at the Canadian border five months later. Once back home, the Mulfords made a movie of their trip and toured 12 Western states bringing attention to the Pacific Crest Trail and the need for it to be improved, coordinated and maintained. Today, the 2,650-mile trail is nearly complete and well-traveled by hikers and riders.

While Don Mulford passed away 20 years ago, June still lives in Vancouver, Washington. Tune in to the stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting on Wednesday, November 24 at 9pm as the story is told entirely with Don’s narrative voice taken from the original movie, and a recent interview with June who enthusiastically retells an adventure still fresh in her mind after 50 years.

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