Oregon is a great place for winter sports, but there are areas, particularly in the backcountry, where avalanche is a danger. Oregon Field Guide is off to the mountains for a crash course in avalanche training. Tune in to the stations of OPB TV on Thursday, May 10 at 8:30pm as one of the Northwest’s most renowned avalanche experts demonstrates what to look out for and how to make good choices when venturing into avalanche terrain.

Avalanche Safety – Glenn Kessler has been a climbing ranger in the Cascades for over 20 years. He’s an expert on what can go wrong in avalanche country. He’s lost friends in avalanches and wanted to do something to help people enjoy the beauty but be safe. Ten years ago he began teaching level-one courses in avalanche training with the Mazamas. Field Guide joins a class on the snow to learn about snow conditions, avalanche triggers and safety equipment and procedures.

Fishing Quota – In the 1990s there were about 500 trawl boats on the West Coast. Today there are around 120. And new regulations the industry imposed upon itself may reduce fleets further, but should help reduce overfishing and waste. Field Guide joins a trawler on a high-seas haul operating under the biggest regulations change to West Coast trawling in 50 years. Catch shares now give out individual quotas of fish and hold those trawlers accountable when they catch too many. We look at how this approach may affect fisherman and related businesses.

Music in Nature – Next, we follow musicians Deklun and Pace from Mount Hood to the coast as they find natural homes for their unique electronic/trumpet musical improvisations. With a 1,000-watt sound system, a computer and a trumpet, they don’t play for crowds. They play for an audience of nature alone.

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