In the Tri-Cities area of southeast Washington, habitat loss is forcing burrowing owls to move on or die trying. And one place they’re taking up residence is the vast grasslands on the Hanford Nuclear Weapons Complex. OREGON FIELD GUIDE joins wildlife biologists for a rare glimpse of these charismatic little birds. Tune in the stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting television on Thursday, December 1 at 8:30pm to learn more about their plight. Also an in-depth look at carpenter ants and a champion crosscut sawyer.

Burrowing Owls - The burrowing owl is the only bird in North America that lives underground. These birds don’t actually dig their burrows, but find abandoned burrows made by other animals, making a healthy ecosystem supporting a variety of species necessary to find proper habitat. And that habitat — vast sage and grasslands of southeast Washington — is fast being gobbled up by development. FIELD GUIDE joins biologists taking an inventory of the burrowing owls to find out more about the plight these simple birds are facing.

Carpenter Ants - Carpenter ants are relentless creatures and can wreck havoc on wooden structures causing huge problems for homeowners. See how a biologist’s remodeling project gives experts an opportunity to more closely study this creature about which we still know so little.

Crosscut Sawyer - Finally, meet Jim Bob Demastus of Baker City, a crosscut sawyer who is keeping a bit of Oregon’s forest history alive by building and sharpening crosscut saws. Oddly, he started as a logger in 1954, but never used a crosscut saw on the job. However, it was with the crosscut saw that he carved out a place in history taking the World Crosscut Championship five times. At 71, he and his brother Bill can still cut a mean log.

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