Oregon Field Guide journeys back to the remote, Chetco River almost 10 years after the massive Biscuit fire engulfed the remarkable wilderness river canyon. They discover that the river remains as remote and difficult to access as it was before the fire, and yet it’s even more enticing. Tune in to the stations of OPB TV on Thursday, May 31 at 8:30pm to experience a rare and wild adventure few have known.

Chetco River Revisited – Back in 2002, the Field Guide crew was able to explore the river just weeks before the largest wildfire in Oregon’s modern history erupted, engulfing a half million acres in southwest Oregon and northern California. At that time, it was a full-days travel with horses to the put in, followed by three grueling days kayaking down the river punctuated by Class IV rapids. To navigate the river this time, crews followed guide Allen Wilson and friends upriver, dragging boats through the current and up rapids because the downriver access was obliterated in the fire. Progress was slow, but the river revealed itself to be the same crystal-clear gem as it was on their first journey.

Goldfish – The Field Guide crew follows a team of ODFW fish biologists as they try to stop one of the state’s most destructive invaders – gold fish. It turns out that the harmless gold fish most of us owned as pets, are far from harmless. Goldfish belong to the carp family. They can survive extremes, have no predators in our lakes and streams and consequently, out compete everything else in their environment. In fact, if goldfish find their way into Central Oregon’s Crane Prairie reservoir, they could spread throughout the upper Deschutes watershed and destroy the region’s lucrative sport-fishing economy. See what measures fish biologists employ to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Muddy Boots – Worms, chickens, bees and gardens of fresh veggies lure children to play and learn outdoors. Portland’s Muddy Boots Family Nature Club tackles “nature deficit disorder” by getting kids away from video games into a world of wonder. Fall finds kids at Tryon Creek State Park marveling over finding worms and discovering what they eat. In the summer at Zenger Farm in southeast Portland they get a sense of where the food they eat comes from as they sample freshly grown lettuce and collect eggs.

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