Oregon Experience and Oregon Field Guide Receive Recognition

OPB’s Oregon Experience and Oregon Field Guide won a total of five 2014 Bronze Telly Awards for film-video documentaries produced in 2013.

Four awards go to Oregon Experience, which reflects on the history, people and places that shape the Northwest.

-      Hanford” - During World War II, thousands of men and women traveled to remote south-central Washington state to build the world’s first full-scale nuclear reactor. This program was produced by Nadine Jelsing and edited by Lisa Suinn Kallem.

-      Tom McCall” - Oregon’s chief executive from 1967 to 1975 may go down in history as the state’s most productive and most interesting governor. This program was produced by Eric Cain and edited by Lisa Suinn Kallem.

-      Portland Noir” - The once bustling port town is home to legends of an illicit history with shanghaied sailors, opium dens and underground activities. This program was produced by Kami Horton and edited by Tom Babich.

-      Capturing Oregon’s Frontier” - Thousands of glass plate photo negatives shed light on life in rural Southern Oregon during the turn of the twentieth century. This program was produced by Kami Horton and edited by Lisa Suinn Kallem.

The fifth award goes to Oregon Field Guide. OPB’s longest-running original television production explores natural resources, outdoor recreation and travel destinations across the Northwest.

-      Mt. Hood: Climbing Oregon’s Highest Peak” – This majestic mountain is an attraction, challenge and reward for climbers all around the region. Jule Gilfillan and OFG Executive Producer Steve Amen created this program.

“OPB is so proud of our local TV productions. Winning five Telly Awards this past year is another feather in our cap to go along with the ten Emmy Awards we received a few weeks ago,” said David Davis, vice president of television production. “Congratulations to all of those involved.”

The Telly Awards honor the best films, videos, commercials and other productions across five continents; more than 12,000 award entries were submitted last year. For more information on the winners, visit www.tellyawards.com.


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