The artist known as “Ginberry” sends art to anyone who asks, free of charge, whether she knows them or not. Jen Berry’s art making is both a powerful self-devised therapy meant to heal her childhood abuse, as well as a way to reach out to others. Jen works a 40-hour-a-week job to feed herself and her son, and then does her art to feed her soul. Over the years, she’s sent out over 1,500 pieces of art. OREGON ART BEAT looks at some of her creations and talks with some of the people whose lives she’s touched with her art. Tune in to the stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting on Thursday, March 31 at 8pm.

Imagine dancing on a stage that’s just four feet by four feet. Mike Barber is a choreographer who thought dancers might appreciate the challenge. He dubbed each piece as a “tiny” dance, and presents them in groups of 10, with each dance lasting five to eight minutes. The process of creating a dance for such a confined space makes artists deal with the unusual and results, says Barber, in a smorgasbord for the audience. We watch as he creates a piece for PICA’s TBA Festival.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival opened for its winter season last month and producer KC Cowan went down to scope out the productions. We get her take on the plays.

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OREGON ART BEAT, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Emmy-Award winning local arts series, is in its 12th season. ART BEAT profiles Northwest artists, musicians and artisans — from an operatic baritone to a bit-and-spur craftsman to everything in between. The program airs Thursdays at 8pm and Sundays at 1am and 6pm. In the Mountain Time Zone of Eastern Oregon, the program airs at 9pm Thursdays and repeats at 7pm on Sundays. Funding for OREGON ART BEAT is provided in part by James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation and the Kinsman Foundation. More information is available online at

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