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Manifest Destiny

Program Description

What does a City on a Hill have to do with Gitmo?  How are American exceptionalism and democracy promotion related to foreign wars?   Why does the 19th century rallying cry of “Manifest Destiny” still influence American foreign policy in the 21st century?

Clear-eyed and probing, Manifest Destiny, addresses key foreign policy concerns that affect every American.  In-depth, insightful commentary by nationally respected historians and diplomats fill in the dramatic stories each episode tells.


Released to public television stations September 2014.

Production Notes

Three 60-minute episodes, produced by the JAK films, a division of Lucasfilm. Distributed by NETA. Unlimited releases for 2 years starting September 2014.

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Painted by John Gast (c.1872) "American Progress" represents the modernization of the new west.

Jen Speed

Painted by John Gast (c.1872) “American Progress” represents the modernization of the new west.

Sharon Wood and David Schneider, co-producers of "Manifest Destiny."

Jen Speed

Sharon Wood and David Schneider, co-producers of “Manifest Destiny.”

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