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New Podcast The Four Top Takes On Food and Beverage Culture

People are more engaged with what they eat and drink than ever before. The Four Top, hosted by Katherine Cole and produced in partnership with OPB, is a new podcast that explores food and beverage culture in an informed, conversational way. Every other week, Cole sits down with a group of food experts for a roundtable discussion about the pressing food-and-drink issues of the day—everything from sustainable shrimp to restaurants that serve cereal for dinner.  

“It’s time to broaden the dialogue,” says Cole, a wine writer in Portland. The Four Top will “investigate the intersection between culinary culture and the important issues of our time.” With a new episode every other Monday, The Four Top is available for download in the Apple iTunes store, via the NPR One app, on the OPB website and wherever podcasts are available.

Like the restaurant table setting that inspired its name, The Four Top brings four food-and-beverage pundits together for a lively discussion of issues that are relevant not just to Oregon but to a national audience. Upcoming episodes will cover recipe theft, food waste, dining apps and the ethics of tipping.

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