OREGON FIELD GUIDE goes up in the air to examine three intriguing subjects: the problems facing arctic white geese migrating through southern Oregon; a paragliding race between Jacksonville and Medford; and “treeversing” through the canopy of a white-oak forest near Canby. Tune in to the stations of OPB TV Thursday, April 5 at 8:30pm.

Arctic White Geese - First up is a look at the arctic white geese that migrate through the Malheur Refuge in southern Oregon. For 13 years a dedicated group of volunteers has documented the migration of the geese from Russia and Canada that come through Oregon. FIELD GUIDE looks at why, in some areas, these birds are facing trouble.

Paragliding Race – The Paragliding Rat Race is the singular paragliding “cross-country” event in Oregon. FIELD GUIDE joins paragliders as they soar over the Applegate Valley competing to reach GPS waypoints spread out between Jacksonville and Medford. The event is not only a race, but also a great mentoring program and way to improve piloting skills.

Treeverse - Adventure filmmaker John Waller is as daring as the subjects he documents. This time, John teams up with tall-tree arborists Will Koomjian and Brian French on an unprecedented “treeverse” through the canopy of Oregon white oaks near Canby. The five-day quest tests the ingenuity and grit not only of the climbers, but every shooter, rigger, and John himself. Why brave the cold, mud and storms of March in tree tops? To find out if it can be done, sure. But also to celebrate the majestic beauty of these rapidly disappearing native groves.

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