PORTLAND, Ore.—Oregon Public Broadcasting said it will continue to make changes in its OPB Radio (91.5 FM) music programming beginning with the April 1 discontinuation of Beats & Pieces.

Special music programming will begin April 6 and continue through mid-May when OPB will launch new programs featuring local and regional music and artists.

“We believe our listeners will be very pleased with this new programming, especially when it features the music of this region and some of our own most talented musicians,” said OPB President Steve Bass. He said more details will be announced closer to the mid-May launch date.

He also thanked Steven Cantor, host of Beats & Pieces, for his many years of service as the program’s host.  Cantor was offered a different position with OPB but declined to accept it.

Bass said OPB constantly reviews its programming via member surveys, calls and emails, audience ratings and focus group research.  Similar research guided OPB’s earlier decision to offer the Performance Today program to All-Classical 89.9 FM and its current decision to end Beats & Pieces, which had a loyal but very small following.

“We are listening to our members when we make these decisions and what they are telling us is that they want change and expect top-quality music programs such as those we’ll be adding to OPB Radio,” he said.

After Beats & Pieces ends, the following programs will air between April 2 and mid-May.

Fridays  9 -11 p .m.
A mix of rock, folk, blues, reggae, world music, and roots, plus a selection of contemporary Native artists.  Hosted by Gregg McVicar.
Playlists and more at http://www.undercurrentsradio.net/

Saturdays 9-11 p.m.
THE BLUES – 13 part series
A comprehensive chronicle of the blues, from its origins to its most contemporary sounds and styles.  Uses new and archival interviews, recordings, and remotes from where blues history occurred as well as where the music thrives today.  Locations such as the Delta Blues Museum, the Chess Studios in Chicago, and Beale Street in Memphis will be visited to emphasize the music’s contemporary connections.  

Saturdays 11p.m.-Midnight
A rebroadcast except on first and last Saturdays when 11pm broadcast is the only broadcast due to Live Wire! at 8pm

Saturdays Midnight-5 a.m. New!
Starts at Midnight - new time.  This will NOT change in May.

Sundays 9-10p.m.
EVERY VOICE AND SING! – 5-part series
Michele Norris, award-winning journalist and host of National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, hosts and narrates the series on black choral music. Explores the importance of Black choirs in the survival and growth of Black colleges from before the Civil War through the post-Reconstruction eras. With unique stories, interviews and performances, the series traces the development of this music, from the early Spirituals and Work Songs, evolving into Blues, Jazz, and Gospel. The programs also trace how Hollywood and Broadway influenced wide public acceptance of the music, and details the evolution of the music.

Sundays 10 p.m.-Midnight
See above for description.

This schedule will change as the short series conclude.