OPB Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary

December 7 marks the 90th anniversary of OPB. On that day in 1922, the physics department at what was then known as the Oregon Agricultural College in Corvallis (and is now Oregon State University) put KOAC AM 550 on the air. At that time AM radio was cutting-edge technolgy… a miraculous thing that people could 
use to tune in and hear sounds from a great distance away. Radio quickly became an important medium for tying the entire region together.

A lot has changed since 1922. Then, we were part of the university system; today, OPB is an independent, non-profit organization. We’ve added FM radio and television with stations all over the region. And now, OPB is sharing stories on the Internet and mobile devices.

Throughout these changes, the mission of OPB has remained much the same: to give voice to the community, connect Oregon and its neighbors, and illuminate a wider world. While our world continues to change, OPB’s public service mission endures.

Anniversaries are important milestones, particularly as a way to acknowledge our supporters. We are grateful for the thousands of contributors who helped OPB become a critical resource for Oregon and our region.

About OPB 
OPB is the largest cultural and education institution in the region, delivering excellence in public broadcasting to 1.5 million people each week through television, radio and the Internet. Widely recognized as a national leader in the public broadcasting arena, OPB is a major contributor to the program schedule that serves the entire country. OPB is one of the most-used and most-supported public broadcasting services in the country and is generously supported by members across Oregon and Southwest Washington.