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OPB Goes Inside Regional Politics with New, Weekly Podcast

Ahead of the upcoming Oregon primary election, OPB has launched the new weekly podcast OPB Politics Now. Hosted by Geoff Norcross and featuring OPB Senior Political Reporter Jeff Mapes, along with other OPB reporters and editors and special guests, the podcast takes a deep dive into the region’s hottest political topics. 

With a new episode each Friday, OPB Politics Now is available for download in the Apple iTunes store, via the NPR One app, on the OPB Web site and wherever podcasts are available.

The podcast expands on OPB Morning Edition’s weekly political chat on OPB Radio, offering more in-depth analysis, insight on the local political landscape and rousing conversation with additional guests to satisfy the most enthusiastic political junkies as well as those who may not follow Oregon politics as closely. 

Additionally, the podcast offers a unique place to get behind-the-scenes information and anecdotes from OPB reporters, as they follow candidates, events and issues affecting our region.  

“Our new podcast is going to be a lot of fun, especially in this election year,” said Julie Sabatier, OPB Politics Now producer. “Think of it as a place to keep up with Oregon politics and listen in on the kinds of conversations we have in the OPB newsroom all the time.” 

In addition to the longer-format conversation, each week, the podcast will feature a regular segment “That’s so Oregon,” in which guests highlight a story—political or otherwise—that is characteristic of, and could only happen in Oregon.

In addition to new OPB Politics Now episodes every Friday, there will also be special episodes around the May 17 Oregon primary election and other breaking news events.

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