Portland, OR, December 2, 2008 — The digital television era is here, and this month Oregon Public Broadcasting will launch its exciting new channel lineup to serve viewers throughout Oregon and southern Washington.

“On February 18, 2009, all full-power transmitters will switch to all-digital broadcasting,” said Steve Bass, president and CEO of OPB. “We wanted to introduce our new family of channels early, so viewers who have already converted to digital can enjoy our expanded lineup immediately, and those who are not yet ready will have an incentive to do so now.”

Based on viewer feedback, OPB developed a broad range of programming that will be available on three digital channels beginning December 10, 2008: OPB, OPB HD and OPB Plus.

  •  OPB will continue to offer the full range of OPB programming that viewers know and trust — including the best in children’s programs, how-to, travel, documentaries and performance — with an improved picture for viewers with traditional sets.
  • OPB HD will broadcast your OPB favorites — including children’s programs, news and public affairs, documentaries and more — in high definition with the highest-quality picture and sound. Note: Viewers who do not have a high-definition television can still watch the programs on the OPB HD channel in standard definition.
  • OPB Plus will offer more choices in viewing times and added programs in news, public affairs and lifestyle.

“The digital transition gives us a tremendous opportunity to provide our viewers with more of the programs they enjoy and a greater selection of times to watch,” said Bass. “Children’s programming will be available on both OPB and OPB HD during the day. And OPB Plus allows us to showcase programs of various types during the day — including travel, gardening, home improvement, crafts, etc. — and present an array of public affairs, news and lifestyle programs in the evening,” he said.

“The future of broadcasting is full of promise with the vast array of capabilities digital technology makes possible,” said Bass. “We will continue to evolve our channels and services to expand our ability to give voice to the community, connect Oregon and its neighbors and illuminate a wider world.”

All three of OPB’s digital channels are available free, over the air (with an antenna) in the Portland metro area, La Grande, Corvallis, Eugene, Bend and Baker City. All that is required is a TV with a built-in digital tuner or with an added digital converter box. Thanks to support from Governor Kulongoski and the Oregon Legislature, OPB has begun upgrading almost 50 low-power translators that serve the coast, east, central and southern Oregon. These areas will begin to have full availability of OPB’s digital television services in the coming 12 to 24 months.

Where to Find OPB Channels Over the Air
                OPB HD  OPB      OPB PLUS
Portland      10.1       10.2       10.3
La Grande   13.1       13.2       13.3
Eugene        28.1       28.2      28.3
Corvallis      7.1         7.2        7.3
Bend           3.1         3.2        3.3
Baker City    13.1       13.2      13.3

Where to Find OPB Channels on Cable
                  OPB HD     OPB     OPB PLUS
Comcast           710        10             310
Clear Creek       210        10            162
BendBroadband 607          7            175
Verizon FiOS      510        10            470
Crestview          603         3             116

Program schedules for OPB’s new digital lineup will be available online beginning December 10. Visit opb.org/television and click on “Schedules” for more information.

For information on how to make the switch to digital television, visit opb.org/digital.

About OPB
OPB is the state’s most far-reaching and accessible media resource, providing free access to programming for children and adults designed to give voice to community, connect Oregon and its neighbors and illuminate a wider world. Every week, over 1.5 million people tune in to or log on to OPB’s Television, Radio and Internet delivered services. As the hub of operations for the state’s Emergency Broadcast and Amber Alert services, OPB serves as the backbone for the distribution of critical information to broadcasters and homes throughout Oregon. OPB is one of the largest producers and presenters of national television programming through PBS, and is also a member station of NPR, Public Radio International (PRI) and American Public Media (APM). The OPB Web site is opb.org.