Airs Mornings of April 8-12 on OPB Radio; Special Documentary Airs April 10

PORTLAND, Ore.—April 3, 2013—OPB will air a series of special reports on OPB Radio from April 8-12 called “Gun Stories.” It features personal accounts of individuals in the Pacific Northwest and their experiences with firearms—as gun owners and users, sellers, law enforcement, and as victims of gun violence.

The radio series comes on the heels of ongoing, in-depth radio and online reporting from OPB News on guns and gun control following the December 2012 shootings in Newtown, Conn. and Clackamas, Ore. “Gun Stories” looks at how our experience with guns shapes our views.

The series also furthers OPB’s commitment to providing in-depth public service journalism that illuminates how people in the Pacific Northwest are affected by broad policy issues.

“There are a number of gun cultures in our community. These are the stories of those who have very different experiences with guns,” said Eve Epstein, managing editor, OPB News. “These stories tell us why the debate on guns is so heated. But they also offer a more nuanced view of that debate, and an opportunity to ask deep questions about gun ownership, regulation and use.”

“Gun Stories” will air April 8-12 on the stations of OPB Radio, with one story featured each day at 6:50 and 8:50 a.m. during Morning Edition. Individuals featured in the daily stories include gun dealers, gun owners, those convicted of gun crimes, police, and victims of gun violence.

“Gun Stories” special coverage will also include a half-hour documentary, which will air at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10, also on the stations of OPB Radio. It includes stories about how gun store owners perform background checks, how one man convicted of criminal activity purchased his guns, how guns inform police work, and how those touched by violence in the past view gun ownership now.

In conjunction with the “Gun Stories” special reports, the following related activities are planned for the week:

  • On Monday, April 8 at noon, OPB’s daily radio show Think Out Loud will discuss the topic of suicides committed as a result of firearms, and what can be done to help prevent them. Over the last several months, Think Out Loud has hosted a variety of discussions on the topic of guns and the gun control debate.
  • On Thursday, April 11, the national morning news program The Takeaway will broadcast a special program focused on gun stories live from the OPB studios. Time for the program is to be announced. 
    • The community is invited to participate in The Takeaway conversation via a live twitter discussion using the hashtag #GunStories.
  • OPB News has set up a “Gun Stories” Tumblr page, which includes additional personal stories and content about guns. The public is invited to submit stories via photo, video, text message or audio, which will be added to the “Gun Stories” Tumblr.
  • Throughout the week, OPB will post updates on “Gun Stories” coverage at the OPB News Twitter account and the public is encouraged to join the discussion using the hashtag #GunStories. 

For more information about the OPB News series “Gun Stories,” please visit


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