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OPB Nominated for 20 Northwest Regional Emmys Including Overall Station Excellence

OPB has been nominated for 20 Northwest Regional Emmy Awards from the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS).  

The annual competition recognizes outstanding achievements in television and allied media. It is presented for excellence in programming and individual craft achievement in television and media arts. Each of OPB’s original TV series—Oregon Field Guide, Oregon Art Beat and Oregon Experience—along with OPB News, Earthfix and opbmusic are all represented as 2016 nominees.  

Additionally, several OPB executive producers, producers, videographers, writers, editors and reporters are recognized for their work in a variety of categories. OPB’s 2016 Emmy nominations include: 


Overall Excellence: OPB/Steve Bass, President/CEO  

Community Service: Unprepared (OPB/Steve Bass, President/CEO)  

Oregon Field Guide  

Documentary – Topical: Unprepared (Ed Jahn, Producer/Director; Todd Sonflieth, Photographer; Bruce Barrow, Editor; Steve Amen, Executive Producer/Host; Ann McGarry, Associate Producer; Nick Fisher, Videographer; Michael Bendixen, Videographer; Kristian Foden-Vencil, Reporter; Vince Patton, Reporter; Tony Schick, Reporter (EarthFix))  

Human Interest - Feature/Segment: Hyla Woods (Vince Patton, Producer; Michael Bendixen, Photographer)

Environmental - Feature/Segment: Sea Lion Surge (Vince Patton, Producer)

Health/Science - Feature/Segment: Rockfish & Marine Reserves (Vince Patton, Producer)

Health/Science - Feature/Segment: Humongous Fungus (Vince Patton, Producer)

Environmental - Program/Special: Oregon Field Guide (Steve Amen, Executive Producer/Host; Vince Patton, Producer/Reporter; Ed Jahn, Producer/Director; Jule Gilfillan, Writer-Producer; Michael Bendixen, Videographer/Editor; Danika Sandoz, Producer/Editor; Todd Sonflieth, Photographer/Editor)

Historic/Cultural - Feature/Segment: Gorge Logging History (Vince Patton, Producer/Reporter; Tom Shrider, Videographer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Editor)

Reporter – Programming: Vince Patton, Environmental Reporting  

Oregon Art Beat  

Human Interest - Feature/Segment: Jock Bradley (Katrina Sarson, Producer; Greg Bond, Senior Videographer/Editor; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Co-Producer)  

Arts/Entertainment - Feature/Segment: Painter John Simpkins (Jule Gilfillan, Writer/Producer) 

Arts/Entertainment - Program/Special: The Art of Grimm (Jule Gilfillan, Producer; Katrina Sarson, Producer; Eric Slade, Producer; Greg Bond, Senior Videographer/Editor; Tom Shrider, Senior Videographer/Editor; Randy Layton, Audio; Jessica Martin, Executive Producer)

Informational/Instructional - Feature/Segment: James Allen (Katrina Sarson, Producer)

Oregon Experience

Historic/Cultural - Program/Special: Murder On The Southern Pacific (Kami Horton, Writer/Producer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Senior Video Editor)

Documentary – Cultural: Portland Civil Rights: Lift Ev’ry Voice (Nadine Jelsing, Producer; Bruce Barrow, Editor; Tom Shrider, Senior Videographer; William Ward, Audio Technician)

Documentary – Historical: The Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Eric Cain, Writer/Producer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Senior Video Editor)

Writer – Program: Portland Civil Rights: Lift Ev’ry Voice (Nadine Jelsing, Executive Producer) 

OPB News/Earthfix  

Environmental - Feature/Segment: Killing Cormorants (Cassandra Profita, Producer (OPB EarthFix reporter)  


Audio: opbmusic Stagepass (Steven Kray)

Winners will be announced at the Northwest Regional Emmy Awards ceremony on June 4, 2016 at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center.

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