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OPB Nominated for 26 Northwest Regional Emmy Awards Including Overall Excellence

OPB has been nominated for 26 Northwest Regional Emmy Awards from the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS).  

The annual competition recognizes outstanding achievements in television and allied media. It honors those working in the media industry for cultural, educational, technological, entertainment, news and informational programming.

In addition to being nominated for “Overall Excellence,” each of OPB’s original TV series—which includes Oregon Field Guide, Oregon Art Beat and Oregon Experience—was recognized in a variety of categories. Several OPB executive producers, producers, videographers, writers, editors and reporters were also nominated for individual achievements.  

OPB Senior Video and Editor Todd Sonflieth has been inducted into the 2019 Silver Circle, which honors media professionals who have made lasting contributions to the industry and their community for at least 25 years. 

OPB’s Northwest Regional Emmy nominations include: 

Overall Excellence: OPB/Steve Bass, President/CEO  

Oregon Art Beat  

 Arts/Entertainment - Program Feature/Segment: Oregon Art Beat (Mark Orton, Elizabeth Federici)  

Arts/Entertainment - Program/Special: Oregon Eclipse Festival (Jule Gilfillan, Nick Fisher)  

Historic/Cultural - Program/Special: Portland Japanese Garden (Jule Gilfillan, William Ward)

Documentary - Cultural: Rothko: Life Beyond the Abstract (Eric Slade, Jessica Martin, Margaret Andres, Jason Longo, Michael Bendixen, Tammy Heiman-Layton, Danika Sandoz, Steven Kray, Randy Layton, William Ward)  

Director: Eric Slade (Rothko: Life Beyond the Abstract)  

Writer - Program: Jacob Pander (Oregon Art Beat: Roll Hardy)  

Photographer - Program: Michael Bendixen (Oregon Art Beat: Roll Hardy)  

Oregon Field Guide  

 Environmental - Program - Feature/Segment: Oregon Field Guide: Old Growth, Climate Change & Songbirds (Jes Burns, Greg Davis)  

Environmental - Program - Feature/Segment: Oregon Field Guide: Can Kelp & Seagrass Help Oysters Adapt To Climate Change? (Jes Burns, Greg Davis, Nick Fisher, Kerin Sharma)  

Environmental - Program - Feature/Segment: Bringing Burrowing Owls Back From the Brink (Ian McCluskey, Nick Fisher)  

Environmental - Program/Special: Oregon Field Guide: Urban Falconry, Fishers, Behind-The-Scenes Tall Trees (Ed Jahn, Erin Ross, Aaron Scott, Ian McCluskey, Todd Sonflieth, Nick Fisher, Michael Bendixen, Jule Gilfillan)  

Historic/Cultural - Program Feature/Segment:Alpha Farm (Ian McCluskey, Lisa Suinn Kallem, Nick Fisher)

Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program Feature/Segment: Seamanship (Nick Fisher, Jule Gilfillan)  

Human Interest - Program Feature/Segment: Abandoned Oregon (Ian McCluskey, Nick Fisher)  

Reporter – Programming: Jule Gilfillan (Urban Falconry)  

Director: Ian McCluskey (Abandoned Oregon)  

Photographer - Program: Todd Sonflieth (Steamboats)    

Oregon Experience  

 Historic/Cultural - Program/Special: Fort Vancouver (Beth Harrington, Dan Evans, William Ward, Nadine Jelsing)  

Documentary - Historical: Oregon State University (Kami Horton, Bruce Barrow)  


 Business/Consumer - Story/Series - No Time Limit: Port Orford: Season Of Crab And Crisis  (Arya Surowidjojo)  

Politics/Government - Story/Series - No Time Limit: Explainers: Oregon Ballot Measures (Jan Boyd, MacGregor Campbell, Arya Surowidjojo, Bradley Parks, John Rosman, Ann Suckow)  

Historic/Cultural - Program Feature/Segment: Graveyard of the Pacific (John Rosman)  

Informational/Instructional - Program Feature/Segment: How Dangerous Are The Northwest’s Volcanoes? (MacGregor Campbell)  

Graphic Arts: MacGregor Campbell (graphics arts submission)  

Video Journalist - No Time Limit: Arya Surowidjojo (Port Orford: Season Of Crab And Crisis)

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