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OPB Nominated for 31 Regional Emmy Awards Including Overall Station Excellence, Community Service

OPB has been nominated for 31 Northwest Regional Emmy Awards from the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). The awards recognize excellence in programming and individual craft achievement in television and media arts.  

All of OPB’s content areas—news, environment, arts & culture, music and more—are represented in the nominations, along with several individual OPB executive producers, producers, videographers, writers, editors and reporters in a variety of categories.  

OPB has also been nominated for the “Overall Station Excellence” award, along with a citation for Outstanding Community Outreach. 

OPB’s 2018 Emmy nominations include:   

  • Overall Excellence: Steve Bass, President/CEO    
  • Citation for Outstanding Community Outreach-Medium Market: The Vietnam War Oregon Remembers (Steve Bass, Morgan Holm, Dave Davis, Nadine Jelsing, Paul Loofburrow, Jan Boyd, Kami Horton)  
Oregon Art Beat    
  • Historic/Cultural – Feature/Segment: Minor White’s Cast Iron Beauties (Eric Slade, Producer)
  • Historic/Cultural – Feature/Segment: Filmmaker Vu Pham (Jacob Pander, Producer)
  • Arts/Entertainment – Program/Special: Oregon’s Animation Magic: An Oregon Art Beat Special (Jessica Martin, Executive Producer; Eric Slade, Producer/Director; Jule Gilfillan, Producer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Senior Video Editor; Tom Shrider, Senior Videographer/Editor; Greg Bond, Senior Videographer/Editor; Michael Bendixen, Videographer/Editor; Randy Layton, Audio Technician)
  • Arts/Entertainment – Program/Special: The Art of Food: An Oregon Art Beat Special (Jessica Martin, Executive Producer)
  • Arts/Entertainment – Feature/Segment: Ceramic Artist Thomas Orr (Eric Slade, Producer)
  • Human Interest – Feature/Segment: Ocularist Fred Harwin (Eric Slade, Producer/Director; Nick Fisher, Camera; Randy Layton, Audio Technician; Tom Shrider, Editor)
  • Editor – Program: Animator Will Vinton (Lisa Suinn Kallem)  
Oregon Field Guide 
  • Health/Science – Feature/Segment: Columbia Gorge Geology Tour (Jule Gilfillan, Producer; MacGregor Campbell, Animator)
  • Health/Science – Feature/Segment: Oregon Scientist Hunts for New Species in One Man’s Backyard (Aaron Scott, Producer; Nick Fisher, Camera/Editor)
  • Informational/Instructional – Program/Special: Crater Lake Ski Adventure (Ian McCluskey, Producer; Michael Bendixen, Photographer/Editor; Steven Kray, Audio Engineer)
  • Informational/Instructional – Program/Special: Farewell to Steve Amen: An Oregon Field Guide Special (Kelsey Wallace, Producer; Todd Sonflieth, Photographer/Editor)
  • Informational/Instructional – Program/Special: Return to Mt. Hood’s Glacier Caves (Ed Jahn, Producer/Director; Andy Maser, Videographer; Todd Sonflieth, Videographer/Editor)
  • Informational/Instructional – Feature/Segment: Horse Logging at the Harmons (Ian McCluskey, Producer; Todd Sonflieth, Photographer/Editor)
  • Historic/Cultural – Feature/Segment: Tillamook Rock Lighthouse (Jule Gilfillan, Producer)
  • Environmental – Program/Special: Oregon Field Guide (Ed Jahn, Executive Producer; Michael Bendixen, Videographer/Editor; Todd Sonflieth, Photographer/Editor; Ian McCluskey, Producer; Danika Sandoz, Producer; Jule Gilfillan, Producer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Senior Video Editor; Cassandra Profita, Environment Reporter; Nick Fisher, Camera/Editor)
  • Environmental – Feature/Segment: Search for Oregon’s Tallest Tree (Jule Gilfillan, Producer; Todd Sonflieth, Photographer/Editor)
  • Reporter – Programming: Program Reporter (Ian McCluskey)
  • Photographer – Program: River Snorkeling (Michael Bendixen and Nick Fisher)
  • Editor – Program: Truffle Dogs (Lisa Suinn Kallem)
  • Editor – Program: River Snorkeling (Michael Bendixen)
Oregon Experience  
  • Historic/Cultural – Program/Special: Massacre at Hells Canyon (Kami Horton, Writer/Producer; Bruce Barrow, Senior Editor; William Ward, Audio Technician; Greg Bond, Senior Videographer)
  • Documentary – Historical: The Vietnam War Oregon Remembers (Nadine Jelsing, Producer/Writer; Kami Horton, Producer/Writer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Senior Editor; Greg Bond, Senior Videographer/Editor; William Ward, Audio Technician; Randy Layton, Audio Technician)
  • Human Interest – Feature/Segment: Charlie Haughey (Nadine Jelsing, Co-producer; Danika Sandoz, Co-producer)
  • Director: Massacre at Hells Canyon (Kami Horton)
  • Musical Composition/Arrangement: Broken Treaties (Tim Ware) 
  • Informational/Instructional – Feature/Segment: Salmon or Dams, Do We Have to Choose? (MacGregor Campbell, Senior Visual Producer; Courtney Flatt, Reporter)  
OPB News/Digital/Other
  • Sports – Feature/Segment: Soccer Icon ‘Timber Jim’ Reflects On A Unique Northwest Life· (John Rosman, Enterprise Digital Producer)
  • Editor – Program: Danika Sandoz, OPB
  • Audio: opbmusic Stagepass: Drive-By Truckers (Steven Vaughn Kray)        

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