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OPB Nominated for 32 Regional Emmy Awards Including Overall Station Excellence

OPB has been nominated for 32 Northwest Regional Emmy Awards from the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). The awards recognize excellence in programming and individual craft achievement in television and media arts.

In addition to “Overall Station Excellence,” OPB is nominated for each of its original TV series—Oregon Field Guide, Oregon Art Beat and Oregon Experience along with OPB News/online, Earthfix and opbmusic.

Additionally, several OPB executive producers, producers, videographers, writers, editors and reporters are recognized for their individual work in a variety of categories.  

OPB’s 2017 Emmy nominations include: 

Overall Excellence: Steve Bass, President/CEO  

Oregon Art Beat  

  • Human Interest - Feature/Segment: BRAVO Youth Orchestra (Eric Slade, Producer/Director)  
  • Human Interest - Feature/Segment: Danceability (Tom Shrider, Senior Videographer/Editor; Tracy MacDonald, Producer)  
  • Arts/Entertainment - Feature/Segment: Kelly Phipps (Eric Slade, Producer/Director; Tom Shrider, Senior Videographer/Editor)  
  • Arts/Entertainment - Program/Special: Oregon Art Beat episode #1712 (Jessica Martin, Executive Producer 
  • Historic/Cultural - Program/Special: Discovering Beverly Cleary (Katrina Sarson, Producer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Senior Video Editor; Tom Shrider, Senior Videographer/Editor; Greg Bond, Senior Videographer/Editor; Jessica Martin, Executive Producer, Oregon Art Beat; David Davis, Vice President of TV Production) 
  • Informational/Instructional - Feature/Segment: Olga Volchkova (Katrina Sarson, Producer; Tom Shrider, Senior Videographer/Editor)  
  • Informational/Instructional - Feature/Segment: Jeffrey Bale (Eric Slade, Producer/Director) 

Oregon Field Guide  

  • Environmental - Feature/Segment: Who’s Watching Oregon’s Wildlife (Anthony Schick, Reporter/Producer; Ed Jahn, Producer/ Director; Nick Fisher, Camera/Editor; Todd Sonflieth, Photographer/Editor)  
  • Environmental - Feature/Segment: Bull Run Earthquake Science (Ed Jahn, Producer)  
  • Environmental - Program/Special: Oregon Field Guide (Steve Amen, Executive Producer; Ed Jahn, Reporter/Producer; Jule Gilfillan, Reporter/Producer; Danika Sandoz, Producer/Editor; Nick Fisher, Camera/Editor; Todd Sonflieth, Camera/Editor; Michael Bendixen, Videographer/Editor)  
  • Informational/Instructional - Program/Special: Columbia River Bar Pilots (Ed Jahn, Producer/Director’ Michael Bendixen, Videographer/Editor)  
  • Documentary – Topical: Discovering Valhalla: An Oregon Field Guide Special (Steve Amen, Executive Producer; Jule Gilfillan, Producer; Todd Sonflieth, Editor; Michael Bendixen, Post Production; MacGregor Campbell, Animation; Steven Kray, Audio Sweetening; Lisa Miyamoto, Production Coordinator; Karrie Carnes, Associate Producer; Jared Smith, Lead Safety/Rigging; Mike Malone, Story Concept)  
  • Reporter – Programming: Wenaha River Packrafting (Ed Jahn)  
  • Director: Discovering Valhalla: Oregon’s Hidden Gorge (Jule Gilfillan)  
  • Writer – Program: Discovering Valhalla: Oregon’s Hidden Gorge (Jule Gilfillan)  

Oregon Experience  

  • Historic/Cultural - Program/Special: Jazz Town (Eric Cain, Producer; Bruce Barrow, Senior Editor; Randy Layton, Audio Technician; William Ward, Audio Technician)  
  • Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program/Special: Darcelle XV (Kami Horton, Writer/Producer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Senior Video Editor; Greg Bond, Senior Videographer; William Ward, Audio Technician)  
  • Documentary – Cultural: The Jewish Frontier (Kami Horton, Writer/Producer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Senior Video Editor)  
  • Documentary – Historical: Vanport (Nadine Jelsing, Producer/Writer; Lisa Suinn Kallem, Senior Video Editor; William Ward, Audio Technician)  
  • Director: Darcelle XV (Kami Horton)  
  • Director: Jazz Town (Eric Cain)  
  • Musical Composition/Arrangement: Oregon Experience -’JazzTown’ : Portland’s Golden Jazz Age (Darrell Grant;  Darrell Grant Music)  


  • Environmental - Feature/Segment: Invasive Species Cookoff (Cassandra Profita, Producer; Nick Fisher, Camera/Editor)
  • Historic/Cultural - Feature/Segment: A War, The Chainsaw And The 2nd Great Cutting Of The Northwest (Jes Burns, Producer/Writer; Kerin Sharma, Editor/Photographer)  
  • Informational/Instructional - Feature/Segment: Oregon’s War on Tui Chubs; Jes Burns, Producer/Art Design; Kerin Sharma, Animator/Editor)  
  • Writer – Program: Jes Burns Writer Craft Composite (Jes Burns)  

OPB News/Digital  

  • Historic/Cultural - Feature/Segment: The Unlikely Bond Between An Oregon Town And The Man Who Bombed It (John Rosman, Digital Producer/Enterprise)  
  • Informational/Instructional - Feature/Segment: The Waste That Remains From Arming Nuclear Weapons (MacGregor Campbell, producer/reporter/animator; Robert McClure, Reporter)  
  • Public/Current/Community Affairs - Feature/Segment: How Portland Chose Shelter Over Affordable Housing At Terminal 1 (MacGregor Campbell, Animator); John Rosman, Digital Producer/Enterprise; Amelia Templeton, Reporter)  
  • Graphic Arts: MacGregor Campbell-Graphic Arts Composite Reel (MacGregor Campbell)


  • Audio: opbmusic Stagepass: case/lang/veirs (Steven Vaughn Kray)      

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