A year ago, “Frontline: The Meth Epidemic,” produced in partnership by OPB, “Frontline” and The Oregonian, explored the growing methamphetamine epidemic in Oregon and across the nation. This award-winning documentary and the OPB panel discussion that followed it, “Meth: The Oregon Front,” sprung from a series by the Oregonian’s Steve Suo.

A lot has changed in the last year. Suo has continued to break stories on the changing international meth trade. New laws approved by Congress and the Oregon Legislature have had substantial impacts on the purity and price of meth on the street. But the drug remains readily available and devastating to those who become addicted to it.

On Tuesday, January 23 at 9pm OPB will rebroadcast “Frontline: The Meth Epidemic.” Immediately following at 10pm, OPB will update its local exploration of what methamphetamine has done to Oregon in “Meth: The Oregon Front 2007.” Three of the experts featured in the original Frontline program will update their unique perspectives on meth.

Joining OPB’s Colin Fogarty for the discussion are: The Oregonian’s Steve Suo who will discuss how new laws are hampering meth cartels in Mexico, but may allow Chinese gangs to fill the gap; Rob Bovett of the Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association will describe how Oregon has seen the steepest decline in meth lab seizures, due in part to the strictest controls on the meth precursor, pseudoephedrine; and Rita Sullivan, therapist and administrator at OnTrack in Medford, will speak about how that progress hasn’t ended the epidemic.

More information about the meth problem in Oregon including resources, links to articles, video streaming of “Meth: The Oregon Front 2007” and a special radio feature by Colin Fogarty on “Oregon Considered” Tuesday, January 23 at 4:30pm will be available online at opb.org after the programs air.

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