Collaboration Helps Viewers Experience Destinations on Video and In-Person

Oregon Field Guide, OPB’s outdoor exploration television series, started a content sharing collaboration with Outdoor Project, an online resource guide for adventurers.

Oregon Field Guide covers ecology, recreation and travel across the Northwest. Outdoor Project compiles trip reports, photography, videography and custom maps.

“Our viewers often ask us, ‘How can we experience these amazing places for ourselves?’” said Ed Jahn, producer for Oregon Field Guide. “Thanks to this collaboration with Outdoor Project, detailed information on many of the travel destinations we cover in OFG will be accessible online instantly.”

Oregon Field Guide videos will be available on and Outdoor Project guides will be listed on

OFG piques travelers’ interests and curiosities. Outdoor Project expands their access,” said Jared Kennedy, co-founder of Outdoor Project.

“Collectively, our goal is to inspire Oregonians and tourists to travel our state with helpful tools and resources,” concluded Jahn.


About Oregon Field Guide 

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