OREGON FIELD GUIDE goes deep into the sand bunker that is the Oregon Dunes to explore the rich history, complex management issues and new recreational adventures that are shaping one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in the West. Tune in to the stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting on Thursday, March 24 at 8:30pm and visit 40 miles of exquisite beauty spanning the entire length of the coast between Florence and Coos Bay.

This half-hour special begins with a personal history of Charlie Day, whose family has owned land in the dunes for almost a century. Also hear from Portland State University professor Curt Peterson who for years studied the mysterious geologic origins of dunes and explains now why the dunes are disappearing.

Many elements play a role in the changing nature of the dunes. From the introduction of motorized vehicles after World War II, to Nixon’s designation of the Dunes as a National Recreation Area, to the 1.5 million visitors who now use the dunes for everything from sandboarding to dune-mushing to ATVing.

But perhaps the biggest threat the dunes face is an invasive European beach grass. The grass is spreading across the dunes, capturing sand blown in from the beach and providing the foundation for plants, then trees to root, eventually turning the dunes to forest. It’s a problem that is also destroying the habitat of the endangered Western snowy plover.

Meanwhile, off-roading abounds in this land of sand and the business it brings is an important element in the area’s economy. We also get the scoop on SandFest, the annual fun-in-the-sand event, and go on a “dunes patrol” with Rod Roberts of the Coos County Sheriff’s Department who discusses issues of noise and trespassing and efforts to curb these problems.

It’s a half hour of stunning photography and facts that help you understand one of Oregon’s treasures, its past and future, a little better.

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