Oregonians have long been enthusiastic about their beer. In 1852, beer came to the Northwest when Henry Saxer opened the Liberty Brewery at the corner of First and Davis in downtown Portland. Many came in Saxer’s wake — most notably fellow German immigrant, Henry Weinhard — to quench the thirsts of loggers, miners, fishermen and farmers who would build the region. The next installment of the Oregon Public Broadcasting’s OREGON EXPERIENCE series looks at the history of beer brewing in the state and at the vibrant craft beer industry that exists today. Tune in to the stations of OPB on Monday, November 5 at 9pm to find out about how the adventurous tastes of Oregonians inspired a micro-brewing movement.

It’s the craft beer of Oregon — made locally, recognized worldwide — that contributes significantly to the state’s economy and fuels a vibrant social culture in the form of numerous brew pubs. With its clean water, hops and barley production, Oregon is fertile ground for the beer industry. And with a population willing to try a range of styles and categories of beer, it’s no wonder that Portland, with more breweries than anywhere — including Germany — is now considered the beer capital of the world. With ingenuity and determination, the industry survived the temperance movement and prohibition, and now pumps over $2 billion into the state’s economy.

This documentary tells the story of this industry through compelling and amusing anecdotes from the fascinating characters of the Oregon beer community.

OREGON EXPERIENCE is an exciting new history series on OPB-TV that brings to life fascinating stories that help us understand who we are and that reinforce our shared identity as Oregonians. The series, co-produced by the Oregon Historical Society and Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), takes advantage of the extensive film, video and stills from the archives of OHS and OPB, and draws upon the expertise of OHS researchers and historians. Each half-hour show features captivating characters — both familiar and forgotten — who have played key roles in building our state into the unique place we call home. Funding for OREGON EXPERIENCE is provided in part by Ann & Bill Swindells Charitable Trust, James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation and Oregon Cultural Trust.

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