An OPB Original Production 
The Suffragists: An Oregon Experience 
How Oregon Women Won the Right to Vote
Premieres November 5th at 9 PM on OPB TV

1912 Oregon women win the vote!
One hundred years ago, Oregon women won the right to vote. To commemorate the centennial, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s history series Oregon Experience presents the half-hour documentary The Suffragists.

Until 1912, Oregon women lived by men’s laws. They had limited rights to their property and the wages they earned, and in the event of a divorce they almost always lost their home and children. And there was very little recourse. They could not vote for laws or lawmakers who would help change their situation.   

For decades, Oregon women had been working to get the vote, with no success. Then, just after the turn of the twentieth century, a younger generation of women burst onto the scene. They challenged traditional society by taking on male roles and demanding change.   

They came from different backgrounds, and often had different agendas. But the diversity of the movement allowed more women to become engaged in their own communities. Their experiences empowered them as they gained valuable experience in leadership, politics and civic involvement.  

Together they won the vote for Oregon women, and went on to help implement social change that dramatically altered the lives of women and children, and improved working conditions for all Americans.   

This era of women’s mobilization changed Oregon, and ultimately, the country.   

Janice Dilg - Project Director, Century of Action: Oregon Women Vote   
Kimberly Jensen - Professor of History and Gender Studies, Western Oregon University   
Eliza Canty-Jones - President, Oregon Women’s History Consortium   
Barbara Roberts - Oregon Governor, 1991-1995 
Grant Miller - Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

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