The two major candidates for Governor of Oregon will debate public policy issues specifically related to children and families in a live broadcast on the stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting Radio on Thursday, September 28 at 1pm. The debate, sponsored by OPB, Stand for Children, Children First for Oregon and the Children’s Institute, will also air live on KLCC in Eugene and Jefferson Public Radio in Southern Oregon, thus assuring statewide coverage. OPB TV will broadcast the debate on Thursday September 28 at 9pm and Sunday, October 1 at 1pm.

OPB’s Christy George will moderate the exchange between Governor Ted Kulongoski, the Democratic nominee, and Ron Saxton, the Republican nominee. Subjects discussed will likely include child health and welfare, early childhood education as well as K-12 education, and state budget priorities for children and families.

After the program, people can watch the debate, find out how the minor party candidates answer the questions posed to Saxton and Kulongoski and discuss the issues online at the OPB Web site, There will also be links to background information specifically tailored to the debate subjects by the partner organizations.

About OPB
OPB is the state’s most far-reaching and accessible media resource, providing free access to programming for children and adults designed to give voice to community, connect Oregon and its neighbors and illuminate a wider world. Every week, over 1.5 million people tune in to or log on to OPB’s television, radio and Internet delivered services. As the hub of operations for the state’s Emergency Broadcast and Amber Alert services, OPB serves as the backbone for the distribution of critical information to broadcasters and homes throughout Oregon. Oregon Public Broadcasting is a statewide network that includes OPB Television, an affiliate of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and OPB Radio, presenting local news coverage and the programs of National Public Radio (NPR), Public Radio International (PRI) and American Public Media (APM). The OPB Web site is

The Children’s Institute
The Children’s Institute was founded by business and philanthropic leaders committed to improving the lives of at-risk children. They wanted to identify the most cost-effective investments Oregon could make to give vulnerable children the best chance for success in school and life. The research is clear: investments in the early years of a child’s life have the greatest pay-off. The Children’s Institute has launched Ready for School, a public awareness campaign on the need to expand access to high-quality early childhood education. The first step in the campaign is to ensure all Oregon children living in poverty have access to high-quality preschool through Oregon Head Start Pre-kindergarten (OPK). The Children’s Institute Web site is

Stand for Children
Stand for Children, a statewide citizen lobby for children, brings everyday Oregonians together in an effective grassroots voice in order to win concrete, long-lasting improvements for children, at both the state and local level. Since 1999, Stand for Children members have helped over 784,000 Oregon children by winning 32 specific local and state victories – making common sense improvements to services and leveraging more than $300 million for schools and other effective children’s programs. Currently Stand for Children members are working to elect a pro-schools legislature this November and in 2007 will press the legislature to move Oregon’s public schools into the nation’s Top 10 within the next 10 years. The Stand for Children Web site is

Children First for Oregon
Children First for Oregon is a widely respected nonpartisan child advocacy organization dedicated to making Oregon a place where all children thrive. We educate and engage Oregonians to promote programs and policies that get results for kids. Because knowledge is power, Children First works tirelessly to improve the well-being of Oregon’s children through advocacy, research, policy analysis, public education and media outreach. We publish annual data reports, including the Report Card on the Status of Children and County Data Book, as well as regular policy analysis grounded in solid research. Our key areas of focus are: children’s health care coverage and access, family financial stability and child abuse and neglect. The Children First for Oregon Web site is