OREGON ART BEAT remembers some of the artists featured on the show who have passed on. This special program along with every ART BEAT broadcast preserves a permanent record of Oregon and Northwest artists’ work and their unique voices. Tune in to the stations of Oregon Public Broadcasting Television on Thursday, November 26 at 8pm for a special tribute to the following artists:

Mary Catherine Lamb - We remember Mary Catherine Lamb. Her home is as interesting as her amazing modern quilts. In fact, an esteemed collector says she created some of the most-original and spirited work in the quilt medium today.

Leroy Setzoil - Called the “father of woodcarving,” Setzoil’s work can be found all around the state. We take a closer look at the delightful man behind the carvings and why he said he hoped to die holding a carving tool.

Charles Reynolds - This painter was going strong into his 90s. Many of his works from 50 years ago are just now being appreciated.

ART BEAT repeats Sundays at 2am and 6pm. Video of the stories featured on ART BEAT can be viewed online immediately following the broadcast at opb.org/programs/artbeat.

OREGON ART BEAT, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Emmy-Award winning local arts series, is in its 11th season. ART BEAT profiles Northwest artists, musicians and artisans — from an operatic baritone to a bit-and-spur craftsman to everything in between. The program airs Thursdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2am and 6pm. In the Mountain Time Zone of Eastern Oregon, the program airs at 9pm Thursdays and repeats at 7pm on Sundays. Funding for OREGON ART BEAT is provided in part by James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation and the Kinsman Foundation. More information is available online at opb.org/artbeat.

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