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METH: The Oregon Front

A Special Series from OPB.

The Meth Epidemic

Steve Suo's Investigations
Read Oregonian reporter Steve Suo's most recent stories about the fight against meth and changes in the international meth industry.
Unnecessary Epidemic
Read Oregonian reporter Steve Suo's most recent stories about the international meth industry.
National Association of Counties: Meth Epidemic in America
A national survey which explores the impact of the meth epidemic on the nation's health care and treatment systems.
Office of National Drug Control Policy
Facts and figures about methamphetamine use, production and treatment in the U.S.
National Institute on Drug Abuse - Methamphetamine Fact Sheet
A summary of research findings on methamphetamine use and abuse.

Health and Treatment Resources

Oregon Partnership
Oregon Partnership is a statewide non-profit promoting healthy kids and communities through drug and alcohol awareness, prevention programs and a 24-hour crisis line for treatment referrals.
Oregon Alliance for Drug Endangered Children
An alliance of government and private agencies created to protect children who are jeopardized by drug manufacture, drug dealing or drug abuse in the family home.
Thugz Off Drugz
A complex of recovery centers founded by recovering addict Alan Evens.
Kaiser Permanente Health Encyclopedia: Alcohol and Drug Problems
Information about how to identify and address a drug or alcohol abuse problem.
Center for Addiction Management
A resource site with information about addiction and long-term management of addictive behavior.
Faces of Meth
A graphic demonstration of the health effects of meth addiction. Compiled by the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.
This site from Southern Oregon Public Television features a community action guide for fighting meth in your community.
Center for Family & Adolescent Research
A non-profit adolescent substance abuse treatment center in Portland that is a branch of the Oregon Research Institute. It provides outpatient counseling to parents of drug-using adolescents (ages 15-20) who refuse to seek help. The program helps parents engage their sons and daughters in treatment, then provides free family therapy.

Legislation and Law Enforcement

Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association
A non-profit organization that provides drug enforcement training to law enforcement officers. Site includes an information page about meth.
Oregon Meth Watch
The Oregon Meth Watch Web site provides Oregonians with up-to-date information on how the drug methamphetamine is affecting our state.
Portland Police Meth Lab Awareness
How to identify signs of a meth lab in your community and where to get help.
Mt. Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime
A volunteer community organization working to fight drug-related crime.
State of Oregon: Drug Lab Cleanup Program
Information about meth and how to identify and clean up meth lab sites.