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Oregon Considered

Oregon is Becoming Fashionable

May 31, 2005

0531_fashion3.jpgWhen it comes to fashion, fleece and jeans seem to figure prominently in the wardrobes of many Oregonians. But hundreds of local fashion designers are working to change that.

From Oregon resident Michelle DeCourcy, whose designer dress was worn by Norah Jones at the Grammys, to Allison Leigh Howard, an Oregonian who made People magazine's list of hottest new designers, it appears the Beaver State is becoming fashionable.

As Pete Springer reports, a version of Oregon Vogue magazine is still a ways off, but not as far as you might think.

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The article on the Fashion Industry in Oregon was most interesting. Being the President elect of Fashion Group International, an organizatin of 6000 worldwide professional headquartered in NY, I would like to encourage you to aldo include The Art Institute Of Portland as a resource in this field. Susan Bonde is director of apparel design 503-382-4808. The Art Institute works closly with Fashion Group on networking and mentoring their students. Thank you for being interested in our rapidly growing Oregon fashion industry.

Posted by: meridel prideaux at June 2, 2005 11:20 AM

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