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Unwiring Portland

0408_portlandia.jpgPortland is poised to ask for bids to unwire the city -- that is create a so called wi-fi cloud that allows anyone with a laptop computer to jump onto the internet from just about anywhere.

As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, it's a controversial idea that, depending on your point of view, is either a bold vision or a waste of taxpayer money.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered

House Committee Passes Mental Health Insurance Bill

Idahoans Speak Out Against Property Tax

DEQ Fines Oregon City Company For Dumping Recyclables

Day of Condemnation

Extended interview with Imam Mamadou Toure

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Nanotechnology Conference Promotes Small Success Stories

Oregon companies did their best to wow competitors and consumers at the Micro Nanotechnology Breakthrough Conference in Portland Wednesday.

The four-day conference brings together dozens of businesses and researchers in the hope they can develop new products and boost the local economy.

As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, one medical company unveiled a product that could save thousands of lives every year.

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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered

What's The Best Way To Move Fish Down A River?

Oregon Senate Concerned About Federal Combat Meth Act

Transportation Funds May Ease Metro Congestion

Oregon Better in Kid Count Report

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Horning's Hideout Faces a Quieter Future

0726_hideout.jpgOn a handful of summer weekends the last few years, a valley outside North Plains has erupted with music.

Horning's Hideout concertgoers have been able to camp for days at a time while bands played to the forested hills. But complaints from neighbors and questions about safety led Washington County to stop three of this season's concerts.

Rob Manning reports that county commissioners will decide Tuesday night the fate of a multi-day festival, featuring the Colorado jam band, String Cheese Incident.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered

Oregon Health Plan Continues to Shrink

Budget Compromise Receives Jeers and Cheers in Salem

Federal Dams on Snake to Continue Spill for Fish

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Posted by Michael Clapp | Comments (1)

Oregon Workers React to AFL-CIO Breakup

Two of the largest unions in the AFL-CIO severed ties to the federation Monday.

Two other unions have boycotted the coalition's national convention in Chicago this week.

The moves are seen by many as the biggest shake-up in union structure since the 1930's. But as Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, local union leaders say that regardless of what happens nationally, they'll continue to work together.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered

Thermofluids Pleads Guilty to Pollution of Johnson Creek

The Next Steps in Enron's Stock Redistribution Plan

Schools Get Good News/Bad News On Federal Funding

Clinic Offers Dental Care to Low-Income Children

Secret Budget Deal's a Secret No More

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Civil Unions Bill Won't Get House Vote

The Oregon House will not be granting civil unions to gays and lesbians. That's the upshot of a committee vote Thursday on Senate Bill 1000.

The measure gained support in the Democratic Senate and backers had hoped to convince Republican House Speaker Karen Minnis to allow an up or down vote on civil unions.

But as Colin Fogarty explains, that is not to be.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered

Enron Pulls Out of PGE Talks With Portland

Oregon National Guard Base May Stay Open

Judges Consider Clackamas County Jail Plan

NARAL Pushes For Emergency Contraception Bill

Presenting Short Stories On Stage

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Posted by Michael Clapp

The Sounds of Flamenco

0719_flamenco.jpgOver the next several days, the air in Portland will be filled with the sounds of flamenco the nimble strumming of guitar strings, rapid-fire clapping and the percussive clack of dancer's feet on the dance floor.

The first Portland Flamenco Festival runs through the weekend.

Gretchen Lehmann stopped by Solo Flamenco dance studio in Southeast Portland to get a sense of the history and passion of this 15th century dance, rooted in gypsy culture.

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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered

House Votes to Make Pseudoephedrine Prescription-Only

Roberts' View on Physician-Assisted Suicide Not Known

Opposition to Asbestos Trust Fund Bill

Jefferson H.S. Closed Meeting Upsets Parents

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Posted by Michael Clapp | Comments (1)

Signature Gathering Begins to Stop Portland PGE Bid

0719_pge3.jpgAn effort to block the city of Portland from buying PGE went public Tuesday.

Opponents began collecting signatures to refer the city's bonding authority to the ballot.

If they gather enough valid signatures by the end of the month, Portland voters would have to ratify their city council's vote to float $3 billion in revenue bonds.

That money could be used to buy Portland General Electric.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered

Corvallis and Vancouver Await Word on HP Cuts

Children's Photos Help Africa Measles Campaign

Lawmakers Test Availability of Pseudoephedrine

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Legislature Could Go Under Microscope

0503_capitol.jpgThe Oregon Legislature is about to undergo a top to bottom review of itself.

A bill before the Oregon House Tuesday would create a 30-member commission to study the legislative process.

Everything is fair game, from campaign finance reform to how committee chairs are chosen to how often the legislature meets.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered

Kulongoski's Willamette River Initiative in Rough Waters

Jury Selection Begins in Hanford Pipefitters Case

Many See Opportunity in Dam Re-Licensing

Dinosaur School in Session for Portland Kids

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Posted by Michael Clapp | Comments (1)

Budget Negotiations Slow to a Crawl

0714_capitol.jpgDemocratic and Republican negotiators in Salem report little progress in balancing the state budget.

The two sides keep negotiating behind closed doors. The biggest stumbling block remains the more than $5 billion K-12 budget. Colin Fogarty has this update.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered

ACLU: E-Mail Proves FBI Abuse of Patriot Act

A Bittersweet Last Day for Edwards Elementary

Idaho Aims for Tougher, Uniform Sex Offender Laws

State Strengthens Sexual Assault Protections

A Granddaughter Remembers Arthur Fletcher

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Controversial Logging Note Attached to Forestry Budget

0713_logging.jpgThe Oregon House of Representatives remained in recess Wednesday while Republican and Democratic leaders continue to negotiate the state's next two-year budget behind closed doors. Progress appears slow.

In the meantime, the state Senate continues to pass bills and budget proposals for state agencies. Wednesday it was the Oregon Department of Forestry that was the subject of debate.

As Colin Fogarty reports, the controversy had little to do with spending.

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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered

Police Focused on Nabbing Aggressive Drivers

McCain Bill Gives Tribes Greater Claim to Remains

Effort Begins to Prevent Portland PGE Bid

Arrest in McDonald's Arson Case

Opposition Mounts Against Possible Cell Phone Tax

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Political Retaliation Downs North Bend Airport Bill

0712_northbend1.jpgIn any state legislature, the rule of you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours is so common it goes without saying. The flip side of that rule--retaliation for snubs and offenses--normally remains quiet and unspoken.

That's not the case with a proposal in Salem to expand the North Bend air.

Republican leaders in the Oregon House are not shy about the fact the plan appears dead because a Democrat from Coos Bay didn't cooperate with them on the issue of education funding.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered

Sellwood Bridge Hot Topic for Neighbors

Study: Oregon Faces 5.5% Cut in Federal Funding

Initial Study of Kennewick Man Bones Underway

County Tries New Way to Curb Repeat Offenders

Umatilla Commissioner to Head NACo

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Dispute Over Access to Hemingway House

0711_hemingway.jpgOn July 2nd 1961, Ernest Hemingway took his own life with a shotgun.

The literary and cultural icon died in his Northwest home near Sun Valley, Idaho. That house is now the object of a bitter dispute over whether it should be opened up to a curious public.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered

Nike, Beaverton Annexation Battle Moves to Salem

Senate Approves Oregon Mutual Utility

Gift Will Create U of O Journalism Ed Program

College of Oriental Medicine Graduates First Doctors

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Brits in Oregon Resolute in Aftermath of Bombings

0707_london2.jpgOregonians with links to England are absorbing the news out of London Thursday.

The greater Portland area has several spots where British people like to congregate.

Kristian Foden-Vencil visited some of those places and filed this report.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered

Bombings Focus Oregon Lawmakers on Security

Tri-Met Under Orange Alert

Defazio: U.S. Needs More Security for Rails

Mosque Leader Focused on Progress, Not Bombings

What Orange Alert Means for Oregon

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Hobby Miners Buoyed by Gold Price, Beset by Lawsuits

0706_gold1.jpgA slice of the Old West survives along some remote creeks and rivers of our region. It's the lure of gold.

Rising prices could swell the ranks of hobbyists who come out in summer to sift for nuggets. But small-time miners are dogged by lawsuits over environmental damage.

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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered

Old Growth Battles Are New Again In Clark County

City Continues To Push For PGE Purchase

House Adjourns, Governor Enters Stable Funding Debate

Troopers Ride Shotgun to Reduce Truck-Car Crashes

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Surgery Offers Solution to Extreme Obesity

0705_weightloss.jpgMost of us can relate to being overweight or obese two-thirds of Americans fit into one of those categories.

Exercise and diet can make a big difference for most overweight people, but for the estimated 5 to 10 million Americans who are extremely obese -- more than 100 pounds overweight -- many doctors now recommend surgery.

A recent study shows obesity surgery can reverse diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol but the procedure itself also carries risks.

Mary Sawyers followed a patient from Lebanon, Oregon to find out if the risks are worth it.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered

Speaker's Plan Gets Senate Hearing

USFS Picks Logging Plan For B&B Complex

Clackamas Sheriff Seeks Solution to Jail Funding

Study of Kennewick Man to Begin

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Posted by Michael Clapp

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