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Oregon Considered

The Sounds of Flamenco

July 20, 2005

0719_flamenco.jpgOver the next several days, the air in Portland will be filled with the sounds of flamenco the nimble strumming of guitar strings, rapid-fire clapping and the percussive clack of dancer's feet on the dance floor.

The first Portland Flamenco Festival runs through the weekend.

Gretchen Lehmann stopped by Solo Flamenco dance studio in Southeast Portland to get a sense of the history and passion of this 15th century dance, rooted in gypsy culture.

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In reading your article on flamenco and the Portland Flamenco Festival, it would be appreciated if you at least mention the true origin of flamenco music - The Gaetano. The Gaetano are Spanish Rom (Gypsies). I am Gaetano. Have you never heard of The Gypsy Kings? Much of their music is true flamenco and they are true Gaetano. To me and to most Rom, flamenco music is not something you learn, its something you grow up with. How can your culture be learned? We expect honest and complete
coverage from you. This article and its lack is most disappointing. Are you even aware of how many Rom people there are in the Northwest? I doubt it. Please get your facts straight. Flamenco is Spanish only because it has been adopted by Spanish people from our people. We are still very much a part of our music and our dance. We are not Spanish, we are Rom and proud people.

Thank you

Posted by: Jeffrey at July 20, 2005 04:43 PM

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