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Oregon Considered

Oregon Joins Suit Over Reversal of Roadless Rule

August 30, 2005

0830_forest.jpgGovernor Ted Kulongoski announced Tuesday that Oregon is joining California and New Mexico in a lawsuit against the Bush administration's roadless area policy.

It's the latest move in a battle over former President Clinton's rule that set aside 58 million acres of US forest land for conservation.

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heard only part of 8-30-05 afternoon (about 1:45) story on 91.5 re 4 problem areas in a marriage. first was conflict management, second criticism and i missed the rest (was driving in heavy traffic). married only 33 years now, and think that this is important for everyone to be aware of. plz tell me what the other " 2 horsemen " are and where i can learn more about this....Thank You...

Posted by: nick hager at August 31, 2005 09:53 PM

NPR's Day to Day program is doing a series on Marriage Education this week. The story you heard 'The Four Horsemen': Why Marriages Fail along with the rest of the series can be found on NPR's site at -

Posted by: Michael Clapp at September 1, 2005 10:34 AM

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