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Oregon Considered

Leave Fiction To Novelists, They're Less Likely To Make It Up

January 31, 2006

When James Frey went on Oprah last week to admit he fictionalized portions of his memoir A Million Little Pieces, journalists, bloggers and other members of the reality-based community all called for higher accountability in publishing.

But what about the people who write fiction on purpose? Oregon novelist Marc Acito speaks up for the fantasy-based community.

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I enjoyed hearing this commentary on yesterday's Oregon Considered and laughed out loud when the reader said, "That would be a lie. Rhymes with 'Frey'." And, afterwards, when the strains of a verse from Simon and Garfunkle's "The Boxer" came on, I didn't get it right away, but after it faded, I continued to hum the tune to myself until I got to the chorus -- "lie, lie, lie..." and I nearly drove off the road. Thank you OPB, and bless your subtle, mischievous little souls. This report is why I love public radio. Thanks again.

Posted by: Kary Barrie at February 1, 2006 08:11 AM

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