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5/31/2006 - Estacada Soldier Killed On Memorial Day In Iraq

As an Oregonian wife mourns the loss of her husband in Iraq, details of how he was killed are emerging.

Medic, Jeremy Loveless, died Memorial Day after being shot in the shoulder while traveling through Mosul in a Stryker armored vehicle.

As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, apparently his unit didn't notice he'd been hit until it was too late.

complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Commission Wrestles With Utility Tax Law
Northwest Aid Agencies Quick To Respond To Java Quake
Foster Care Graduates Face Tough Transition
Emilie Boyles Pleads Her Case

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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/30/2006 - Sizemore's Back In Politics, But With A Lower Profile

0530_sizemore.jpgBill Sizemore is back.

The once high-profile anti-tax activist has played a much more subdued role in Oregon politics in recent years, since a judge slapped him with a multi-million dollar judgment. But Sizemore is now trying to qualify a ballot measure for the November ballot.

Last week, he and other initiative activists submitted petition signatures for an early deadline. As Colin Fogarty reports, Sizemore's latest proposal has nothing to do with taxes.

complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Electronic Medical Records Could Save Money, Time -- And Lives
WA Foster Parents Announce Unionization
Tending 'Defiant Gardens' During Wartime

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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/24/2006 - The Wellness Project and Training Institute

0524_wellness.jpgThe only free mental health clinic in the Portland metro area may have to shut its doors, after just two years in operation.

The Wellness Project and Training Institute in Clark County has kept more than 4000 appointments since 2004 and trained 70 graduate students in at universities throughout the region.

Oregon Considered host Allison Frost talks with the Executive Director of Community Services Northwest, the agency that runs the Wellness Project, Sharon Campbell-Krupski.

Click here to listen to the entire interview (mp3, about 11 minutes).

Wellness Project and Training Institute website

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Listen to Stacy Bolt's commentary "The Happiest Hour" here.
New Magazine Caters To Thirsty Readers
Potter-FBI Skirmish Highlights Domestic Surveillance Issues

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Continue reading "5/24/2006 - The Wellness Project and Training Institute"

Posted by Michael Clapp

5/23/2006 - Foreign Pest Multiplies On NW Waterways

0523_nutria.jpgA buck-toothed rodent that can mow down waterfront gardens and turn dikes into Swiss cheese is expanding its range in the Northwest.

The non-native animal is called nutria. It's recently turned up in new places including Lake Washington, next to Seattle, and Oregon's Rogue River valley.

Some communities are resigned to its presence. Others are trying to eradicate the creature. Correspondent Tom Banse reports.
complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Judge Redden Voids Upper Snake River Plan
Judge Dismisses 'Loss Of Companionship' Claim
New Carissa A Step Closer To Getting Off The Beach
Kitzhaber Taking On Healthcare Reform

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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/22/2006 - Trojan Implosion Ends A Chapter In Oregon's Nuclear History


The familiar landmark cooling tower at Oregon's only nuclear plant is history.

All that remains of the Trojan Nuclear Power Plant cooling tower today is a chunk of the lower tower wall about 50 feet tall and several hundred feet long.

That segment withstood the force of 3,300 sticks of dynamite detonated early Sunday morning.

Even though the demolition of the 500-foot tall structure was televised live throughout the region, thousands of people turned out to watch it in person.

Ley Garnett was among the crowd and has this report.
complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Colleges Offering More "Merit-Based" Finanical Aid
Commission Recommends Sobriety Rule For Legislators
Lawmakers Want National Guard Represented On Joint Chiefs Of Staff

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Mt. St. Helens Still Active After 26 Years

helens.jpgToday marks the 26th anniversary of Mt. St. Helens' deadly eruption that killed 57 people and flattened 230 square miles of forest.

More recently, the volcano has sputtered to life again, but on a much smaller scale. Allison Frost spoke with Willie Scott, a vulcanologist at the USGS Cascades Volcano observatory in Vancouver, Washington. He says prior to 2004, the lava dome that had been building since the 1980s was getting buried by the glacier that was also growing inside the crater.

Click here to listen to the interview (mp3, about 8 minutes).

Click here to visit Mt. St. Helens' current eruption website.

Posted by Casey

5/18/2006 - Organic Biodiesel Could Pay Off For NW Farmers

0518_canola.jpgReducing our dependence on foreign oil. Producing homegrown fuel. It's all the rage when gas prices set new records practically every day.

Some of the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Ground will be broken soon on big new biodiesel and ethanol plants in Washington and Oregon (and possibly Twin Falls, Idaho).

But to make truly homegrown fuel, local farmers have to plant the raw materials. That's not happening, by and large. Correspondent Tom Banse found one dairyman who's trying to make the economics work.

complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Portland Police Disproportionately Target Minority Drivers
Wyden Accuses Nominee Of Violating Briefing Law
Immigration Issue Divides Idaho Congressional Candidates

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Post-Primary Analysis With Bill Lunch

Pundits and political analysts are always being asked to make projections and predictions. OPB's Political Analyst Bill Lunch says those who do look into the crystal ball, including himself, risk treading later over the shards of broken glass. Nonetheless, we convinced him to say a few words about how November's political races might shape up, after the results of the yesterday's primary election.

Click here to listen to the entire interview (mp3, about 11 minutes).

Posted by Casey

5/17/2006 - Wheeler Beats Incumbent Linn By 3-To-1 Margin

In Multnomah County, business consultant Ted Wheeler swept into the commission chair's seat with an overwhelming 69% of the vote. The embattled incumbent, Diane Linn, garnered just 23%.

As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, it seems Linn's critics -- who accuse her of everything from mishandling same-sex marriage to outright impropriety -- have finally caught up with her.

complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Candidates Already Gearing Up For November Fight
Burdick Concedes Race To Sten

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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/16/2006 - Strange Piece of Paradise

0516_jentz.jpgIn 1977, a man with an axe made a seemingly random attack on two college students at a state park near Redmond. The women were brutalized and left for dead.

One survivor, Terri Jentz, revisits the unsolved incident, and her psychological journey to recovery. Her book is called "Strange Piece of Paradise".

She spoke with OPB Senior Producer Eve Epstein about the attack, and her return to Oregon.

Hear the web version of the interview (mp3 about 13 mins).

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Offender Treatment Program Linked To Lower Rate Of Recidivism
Low Turnout Expected To Rise By Deadline
Oregon Guard Troops Unlikely To Be Used Along Border

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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/15/2006 - Oregon Reps Split On Medicare D Penalties

0515_medicare.jpgMonday is the deadline for eligible seniors to sign up for Medicare's new prescription drug benefit. But many who eligible still have not enrolled.

Correspondent Todd Zwillich reports from Capitol Hill on the debate in Congress over whether to lift penalties for latecomers.
complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
For Some Seniors, Prescription Plan Has Too Many Options
Not All Washington Sex Offenders Face Hard Time
Preliminary Counts Indicate Turnout Rate Below 25%

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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/11/2006 - Sasquatch Lives On In Sculpture

0510_sasquatch.jpgCruising down the highway you're used to seeing animal warnings such as "watch for deer" or "elk crossing."

Now think about how you'd react to a "Sasquatch crossing." It's in the works in north central Washington. A huge, hairy man is turning drivers' heads on the Colville Indian Reservation.

Naturally, we had to send correspondent Tom Banse for a look.
complete article...

If you're looking for that music at the end of Tom's piece, you can listen here - Theme from "Big Foot and Wild Boy"
More on "Big Foot and Wild Boy" - IMDb

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Phone Call Records Didn't Come From Qwest
Oregon Supreme Court Upholds Bowen's Death Sentence

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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/10/2006 - "Voter Owned Elections" System Coming Under Fire

Advocates of Portland's public campaign finance system have been put on the defensive in the last few weeks because of allegations about a candidate who received $145,000 in taxpayer money.

Campaign finance reform advocates are trying to look beyond accusations against Emilie Boyles and are instead touting the overall effect of the so-called "Voter Owned Election" system. Colin Fogarty reports.
complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Small Oregon Town To Vote On NASCAR Speedway Tax
Policymakers Struggling To Interpret Language Of Utility-Tax Bill
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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/9/2006 - Potlatch Poplar Farm Greens A Patch Of Eastern Oregon

Out of the scrub brush of eastern Oregon a huge forest sprouts like an oasis between Boardman and Hermiston. We sent Ley Garnett to check out this roadside curiosity.

complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Officials Eyeing Mumps Outbreak In Eugene
PSU Looking To Fill The Computer Engineer Vacuum

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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/8/2006 - Spring Chinook Finally Starting To Show Up At Bonneville Dam

Columbia River fish managers are still clinging to hope that the Spring Chinook run will reach their pre-season expectations.

As Ley Garnett reports, biologists are optimistic that the low count so far is only because the run is extremely late in getting underway this year.

complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Professor's Career Melds Science With Advocacy
Wyden Questioning Nominee's Statements On Wiretapping

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Portland Kids Win Big With Soccer Poems

-w200_IMG_5908.jpgIt's not too often that Amercian schools win international competitions. Or win all expense paid trips to Europe. But that's just what happened to the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders at the German American School of Portland. Their German poems about soccer propelled them into the group of 100 winning schools -- out of more than 12,000 from around the world. Allison Frost spoke with Blake Peters, who runs the school. He said they've never won anything quite as big the "World Cup in School" contest.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here. (mp3, 3:40)

Posted by Casey | Comments (5)

5/4/2006 - A Broad Field Of Candidates Line Up For City Council Seats

Two seats are up for grabs on the Portland City Council May 16th, but incumbent commissioner Dan Saltzman is trying to retain his position and serve a third term.

He's fighting off about a dozen hopefuls, including a real estate agent, a nurse, and a single parent.

As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, five candidates turned up for a recent meeting of the Portland Eastside Democratic Club and left members undecided.
complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
High Gas Prices Spurring Politicians Into Action
Reach Out And Touch Someone (And Maybe They'll Vote For You)
Eugene Schools To Adopt Stricter Soda Policy

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Posted by Michael Clapp

Life With Stinky Stan

0504_sealion.jpgAll the news of late about dwindling Northwest salmon runs has captured the attention of commentator Ronault Catalani. He's noticed that more than a little blame has been heaped on a certain water mammal. It's funny, he says, because he's been having problems just like the Fish and Wildlife workers at Bonneville Dam.

Click here to listen to the comments of Ronault Catalani, a Willamette Valley writer. (mp3, about 4 minutes.)

Posted by Casey

5/3/2006 - An Oregon Chicken Farm Prepares For Avian Flu

0503_chicks.jpgOn the same day the Bush Administration revealed its updated plans to deal with Avian Flu, state officials appeared with an Oregon chicken farmer to detail the kinds of protections in place for the states poultry operations.

For months growers and the state have kept commercial chicken sheds under wraps - for fear of introducing disease to the large flocks. But Willamette Valley farmer, Curt Johnston, conducted the tour and spoke to Kristian Foden-Vencil.
complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Sen. Smith Pushes For Rural Broadband
Judge Considers How To Manage Snake And Columbia River Basins
Corvallis Struggles With Decision To Close A School
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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/2/2006 - Immigration Debate Heats Up Republican Primary

0502_march.jpgFor weeks now, illegal immigration has been one of the top issues in the Republican primary for governor.

The debate got even hotter when 13,000 immigrants and their supporters rallied in Portland and Salem, along with several smaller cities across the state.

Ballots for the May primary are due in two weeks. But as Colin Fogarty reports, the issue will likely linger into the November election.

complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Portland Board Split On Closing Schools
But Will Plato Get Along With His New House Mate?
Candidates Band Together To Cover Oregon's Second District

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Posted by Michael Clapp

5/1/2006 - Thousands Turn Out For Protests In Salem


More than 13,000 mostly Latino immigrants and their supporters rallied and marched in Salem and Portland Monday as part of a nationwide "day without immigrants" protest.

The demonstrations were aimed at showing the economic impact of immigrants on Oregon's economy. Colin Fogarty reports from Salem.
complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Protesters Point To Immigrants' Role In Economy
Washington Asparagus Growers Switch to Fresh Spears

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Posted by Michael Clapp

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