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Oregon Considered

5/24/2006 - The Wellness Project and Training Institute

May 24, 2006

0524_wellness.jpgThe only free mental health clinic in the Portland metro area may have to shut its doors, after just two years in operation.

The Wellness Project and Training Institute in Clark County has kept more than 4000 appointments since 2004 and trained 70 graduate students in at universities throughout the region.

Oregon Considered host Allison Frost talks with the Executive Director of Community Services Northwest, the agency that runs the Wellness Project, Sharon Campbell-Krupski.

Click here to listen to the entire interview (mp3, about 11 minutes).

Wellness Project and Training Institute website

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More from Oregon Considered for Wednesday, May 24, 2006
This summer, the new Portland-based beverage magazine Imbibe is printing an essay from a commentator who's been something of a regular on OPB airwaves. Stacy Bolt contributes to Live Wire!, heard on the last Saturday night of the month. She says when she was growing up there was never a question about whether or what to imbibe. She describes what she calls the "happiest hour."

Click here to listen to the commentary. (mp3, about 3 minutes)

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