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6/29/2006 - New Orleans Sound Blows Into Blues Fest

0628_saxman2.jpgPortland's annual Waterfront Blues Festival gets under way Friday, June 30, with a focus this year on New Orleans and Gulf Coast musicians.

Reggie Houston grew up playing the saxophone in New Orleans. He was a member of Fats Domino's band, among others.

He relocated to Portland the year before Hurricane Katrina struck the gulf, and this year encouraged many of his friends from the region to come play in the festival.

He stopped by our studio to talk, and to set the right mood, I asked him to play something with a real New Orleans feel...

Listen to the interview...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Oregon Kicks Off New Anti-Meth Law
Grocery Store Owner Defends Decision Not to Stock "Morning After" Pill

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/28/2006 - Oregon's Trail Band Is A Global Hit

0628_band2.jpgVisas to North Korea are hard to come by. The communist government of Kim Jong-Il severely restricts tourism. All foreign visitors must get official approval.

But Mercy Corps has a long track record of sending delegations and shipments of food and medicine to Pyongyang. It's an Oregon based non-profit that's been providing food assistance (ever since the 1995 famine that killed more than 2 million North Koreans).

Food assistance and now country music. Last year North Korean officials invited Mercy Corps to bring along some genuine American folk musicians for a festival in Pyongyang.

complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Supreme Court Victory Makes Oregon 3 For 3
Portland City Council Considering Biofuels Mandate
What Do Those Graduation Rate Numbers Mean?

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/27/2006 - Governor's Panel On Climate Change Convenes

0627_hood.jpgSome of the state's top scientists and business leaders, appointed by Governor Kulongoski to advise him on climate change issues, held their first meeting in Salem Tuesday.

As Ley Garnett reports, this panel is charged not only with looking at global warming's downside for Oregon, but also possible economic benefits for the state.

complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Thousands Of Fans Greet Champion Beavers
CA Assisted Suicide Bill Fails In Committee
Corvallis Musician Nears End Of Year With A Very Special Violin

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/26/2006 - Anglers Become Bounty Hunters In Effort To Help Salmon

0626_pikeminnow.jpgWildlife managers know that one way to help a threatened species is to go after the predators.

So Northwest states are paying anglers to bring in certain fish. In Oregon and Washington, the payment scheme has inspired some fishing enthusiasts to make a living as bounty-hunters.

The best can reel in as much as $40,000 a year. Now Idaho is trying its own approach: how about lottery tickets in exchange for trout heads?

complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
WA Gears Up for Oregon-Style Property Rights Battle
Beavers Win College World Series, National Championship
Iraq Veteran Says Sexual Harassment Prompted Desertion

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/22/2006 - Oldest Oregon Trooper Eschews Retirement

0622_trooper.jpgWashington recently ushered its most experienced state trooper out the door.

The veteran patrolman was forced into retirement because he turned 60 years old.

He carried the nickname, the "pewter trooper," because he aged so gracefully.

Oregon and Idaho don't have mandatory retirement rules for state police. The oldest active patrolman on the Oregon force turns 61 on his next birthday.

Correspondent Tom Banse has Robert Hereau's story in his own words.

complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Mayor Potter Names Sizer To Chief's Job
County Commission Cuts Funds To Popular SUN Program
Retrofiting Trucks May Help Clean North Portland's Air

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/21/2006 - Solar Power Buff Celebrates Solstice With Open House

0622_solar.jpgWednesday was the summer solstice - the longest day of the year. To celebrate, one Northwest solar-power buff dedicated the day to convincing people to go solar.

Correspondent Austin Jenkins filed this report from a solar open house in Tacoma

complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Oregon Education Officials Question Graduation Rate Numbers
Governor's Office Next Front In Mike's Gulch Timber Sale Battle
Government Moves To Consolidate Eavesdropping Cases

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/20/2006 - Batten Disease Unites Parents, Dog Owners

0620_batten.jpgIn what may be an unprecedented collaboration, a rare and as yet incurable illness has brought together two unlikely communities: parents of children and owners of dogs.

The two groups are linked by the fatal illness known as Batten disease.

Batten disease is a rare inherited genetic disorder leading to a breakdown of the entire nervous system.

complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Study Finds Oregon Failing African American Students
Oregon Struggling To Meet Mercury Emissions Limits
Distant War Hits Close To Home In Madras

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/19/2006 - Oregon's 'Big Look' Goes Under The Microscope

Oregon's land-use planning system is getting a thorough looking over these days.

The Urban Land Institute's forum convened in Redmond this weekend. The Metro regional government held a discussion on what it's calling its New Look last Friday. But the land-use task force created by the state lawmakers is drawing some critical eyes as it begins its work including it appears, those in the Governor's office.

As Rob Manning reports, the Governor said Monday he's planning to send a letter to the panel expressing concern about public involvement.

complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Ethics Commission Begins Search For New Director
Madras Soldier Abducted By Iraqi Insurgents
Irrigon Students Put Letters To Soldiers To Music

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/15/2006 - Late Spring Chinook Run Exceeds Predictions

0615_chinook.jpg This past season's run of Spring Chinook Salmon was like a roller coaster on the Columbia River but it ended on a high.

Fishery experts estimated 88,000 of the prized fish, also known as king salmon, would come back to spawn but in fact 130,000 ended up making it. Ley Garnett reports.

complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
New Shipping Line To Dock Weekly At Port Of Portland
Tribes Unite To Rebury Artifacts And Remains
Parents Facing A Difficult Summer Assignment
Bicycling's $63 Million Impact On Portland
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Posted by Michael Clapp | Comments (1)

6/14/2006 - Knight Bringing Hollywood Magic To Tualatin

0614_laika.jpgOregon's richest man, Phil Knight, unveiled plans Wednesday to build a new state-of-the-art animation studio in Tualatin.

Designed to compete with Hollywood icons such as Pixar and Dreamworks, the Laika studio will hire hundreds of filmmakers over the next two years and produce everything from full-length movies to commercials.

As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, it's by far the most ambitious media project Oregon has seen.

complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Small-Schools Program Divisive For Lebanon Residents
Medford Judge Postpones Biscuit Salvage Logging Deal
Maintaining The Memory Of Oregon State Hospital's Patients
The Day Of The African Child
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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/13/2006 - Curtis Salgado Benefit

There's good news and bad news to report about long time Oregon blues musician Curtis Salgado, who was the inspiration for the late John Belushi's character in the Blues Brothers.

On the one hand, Salgodo is fighting liver cancer, needs a new liver and recently lost his health insurance.

On the other, he's fighting liver cancer, just got onto a donor waiting list and his friends--many music legends in their own right-- are playing alongside him in a benefit concert Tuesday.

He talked with us about some of the musicians like Steve Miller, Robert Cray and Taj Mahal and how he was drawn to music at an early age growing up in Eugene.

Click here to listen to the interview. (about 5 minutes)


The benefit concert for Curtis Salgado is Tuesday at 7:30 at the Rose Garden arena's Theatre of the Clouds. If you can't make it, you can also catch him at the Waterfront Blues festival next month. And for all sorts of other information, check out his website --

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Initiative Backers Racing Against Signature Deadline
Northwesterners Rediscovering The Craft Of Spinning
OSU Forestry Dean Hal Salwasser Receives Strong Vote Of Confidence

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/12/2006 - Academia and Activism Collide on NW College Campus

0612_protest.jpgLast month, nearly thirty people were arrested at the Port of Olympia. They were protesting the Iraq War and the use of the port for military shipments.

Many of those arrested attend Evergreen College - a state-funded school a few miles from the port. Some are students in a class on parallels between the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins examines the line between academia and activism.

complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Popular After-School Program On The Chopping Block
Governor, Legislators Agree On Plan To Revamp Mental Health Care
Mobile Clinic Brings Healthcare To Multnomah County Homeless
Reaction To Revamping Oregon's Mental Health Care: An Interview With Dr. George Keepers
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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/8/2006 - Portland Judge Allows Abuse Lawsuit Against Vatican To Proceed

Two years ago, Portland made international headlines when the Catholic Archdiocese became the first to declare bankruptcy in response to clergy sex abuse lawsuits.

Now, a separate case in Portland raises the serious possibility that for the first time, the Vatican itself could be sued over priest sexual abuse. Colin Fogarty reports.

complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
World Cup Battle: Nike vs. Adidas
Environmental Groups Sue To Stop Biscuit Salvage Sale
Robots Help Pharmacists Fill The Pill Bottle

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/7/2006 - Reconciling Republicanism And Art

0607_book.jpgFormer Portland attorney Gary Cole saw no contradiction between his dual interests in arts and Republican Party politics.

But the co-founder of small theater in Portland found out the hard way: Sometimes art and politics don't mix.

Now as Colin Fogarty reports, Cole has written a memoir called Artless: The Odyssey of a Republican Cultural Creative.

complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Communities Near Weapons Depot Practice Contamination Drills
Blazers And Rose Garden Up For Bids
Unions Want Prevailing Wages, Healthcare For Workers
Oregon Pharmacy Board Adopts New Ethics Stance - an interview with executive director Gary Schnabel.

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/6/2006 - Research Group Puts School Funding Numbers Online

With the click of a mouse, you can now find out how one Oregon school district spends money, compared with a similar one, maybe on the other side of the state.

Statewide school research group, the Chalkboard Project, unveiled an online database that reveals whether Bend schools spend more on teachers than say, Reynolds or Springfield.

But as Rob Manning reports, users on the first day came away enthusiastic, yet hungry for more information - and curious about political implications.

complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Exploding Price Of Oil Fuels Quest For Alternatives
Microsoft Moves Into Little Quincy, WA
Considering The Dangers Of What Goes On Online
Governor Dedicates Job Training Center At New Columbia

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/5/2006 - Tiny "Smart Cars" Make Their Northwest Debut

0602_smartcar.jpgA smart way to beat high gas prices could be a Smart car.

That at least is the sales pitch of the first Northwest dealership to carry the eye-catching European auto. "Smart" is the brand name of the tiny two-seater.

Correspondent Tom Banse takes us along for a test drive.

complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Biodiesel Coop Powers Cars For Less
OSHA Cites Boise Cascade In Death Of Mill Worker
Governor's Race Starting To Get Crowded
GAO Report Questions Oregon Tsunami Readiness

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Posted by Michael Clapp

6/1/2006 - Kicker Refunds Grow, Governor Repeats Call For Rainy Day Fund

Oregon's kicker refunds will grow to more than a billion dollars in 2007. That was the eye popping headline from the quarterly revenue forecast Thursday by state economists.

Just as quickly as the refund prediction came, the debate over what to do with the money ensued. Colin Fogarty reports from Salem.

complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
State Looks For Allies In Its War On Weeds
Portland Kids Writing A 'Children's Bill Of Rights'
GED: A Different Kind Of Graduation Story
WA Board of Pharmacy Board Defends Controversial Rule

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Posted by Michael Clapp

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