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Oregon Considered

6/7/2006 - Reconciling Republicanism And Art

June 07, 2006

0607_book.jpgFormer Portland attorney Gary Cole saw no contradiction between his dual interests in arts and Republican Party politics.

But the co-founder of small theater in Portland found out the hard way: Sometimes art and politics don't mix.

Now as Colin Fogarty reports, Cole has written a memoir called Artless: The Odyssey of a Republican Cultural Creative.

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Oregon Pharmacy Board Adopts New Ethics Stance - an interview with executive director Gary Schnabel.

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Pharmacy Board Adopts New Ethics Stance
The Oregon Board of Pharmacy adopted a clarification today on what should happen when a pharmacist refuses to fill a patient's prescription on moral or religious grounds. Gary Schnabel is the executive director of the Oregon Board of Pharmacy. He says the board met with women's groups, including NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon and Planned Parenthood to clarify language the panel adopted last summer. Schnabel also says the new language the board approved today also makes it clear that a patient can demand the prescription back from a pharmacist if that pharmacist chooses not to fill it.
Allison Frost spoke with Schnabel by telephone from Bend earlier today.

Click here to listen to the interview. (mp3, about 2:30)

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