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10/31/2006 - Candidates Enlist Environmental Record In Campaign Battle

1031_guv.jpgOne of the biggest differences between Oregon's two leading candidates for governor is the environment.

Incumbent Governor Ted Kulongoski has won the endorsement of conservation groups while challenger Ron Saxton is championed by the timber industry.

Ley Garnett takes an in depth look at the issue and where the candidates stand.

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Measure 26-80: Preserving Open Spaces, Or Harming Farm Economy?
Justices Looking At Jury Instructions In Oregon Smoker Case
Be Alert For Flying Pumpkins
Oregon House Race Not Immune To Nasty Tactics

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/30/2006 - Clean Energy Mandates Headed To Voters & Lawmakers

1030_windpower.jpg Northwest politicians and voters will get a say in a matter that used to be the sole province of utility managers.

On Election Day, Washington State voters can demand that a percentage of their electricity come from clean, green sources. In January, the Oregon Legislature will grapple with a similar requirement for its state.

Correspondent Tom Banse reports some utilities and big power users are calling the measures unnecessary - and potentially costly.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Cantwell vs McGavick: The Race For U.S. Senate In Washington State
Senate Desks Store History Of Our Democracy
State Releases Annual Hospital Report
Parties Turn Eyes Towards Oregon Legislature
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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/26/2006 - After 100 Years, Peter Iredale's Bones Still 'Bleach In The Sand'

1025_iredale1.jpg One hundred years ago this week, the sailing ship Peter Iredale ran aground off the coast of Oregon.

It's become the most visited shipwreck on the West Coast. Joanne Rideout reports.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Gubernatorial Candidate Saxton Makes Appeal To Moderates
Candidates For WA State Legislature Duke it Out
Council Requires PDC To Spend More On Affordable Housing
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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/25/2006 - 'Africa House' To Provide Services To Immigrants And Refugees

There's an estimated 20,000 African refugees and immigrants in Oregon, most of them in the greater Portland area.

Now, thanks to a grant announced Wednesday, new arrivals have a place - just for them - to get help: Africa House. Rob Manning reports.

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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
TriMet Breaks Ground On Commuter Rail Project
Al Gore Stumps For Kulongoski

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/24/2006 - Do Newspaper Endorsements Matter?

1024_debate2.jpgAn ad running in the contested race for Oregon governor includes nothing but quotes from the Oregonian newspaper's editorial endorsement.

The paper chose to support Republican challenger Ron Saxton over Democratic incumbent Ted Kulongoski. But do voters pay attention to newspaper endorsements?

Colin Fogarty explores the question.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Washington's Initiative 920 Could Separate Death And Taxes
OSPIRG Sends 'Net Neutrality' Petitions To Congress
Oregon DOJ Investigating Hood River Hospice
OregonGroup Wants Filmmaker Gore To Become Candidate Gore Again

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/23/2006 - Portland Schools Begins Discussions On Restructuring Plan

The Portland Public School Board will begin discussing recommendations Monday night from seven different neighborhoods, which have been meeting since June.

Superintendent Vicki Phillips asked communities for help in deciding how to deal with various problems, including declining enrollment and low student achievement in some schools and overcrowding in others. Rob Manning reports.

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Get-Out-The-Vote Campaigns Switch To High Gear
Corvallis Firm Hopes To Eliminate Bioterror Smallpox Threat

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/19/2006 - Bridges Close Gap In 40-Mile Loop

1019_bike2.jpgDrivers on south McLoughlin Blvd --or 99E -- in Portland may have noticed an orange bridge spanning the roadway. Technically, officials say, it's not orange; it's Tabasco.

The bridge is one of three formally dedicated today. They're part of the Springwater corridor trail -- a multi-use path for walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and cyclists that stretches from Portland to Boring.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Wal-Mart's Drug Deal Met With Some Apprehension
Kitzhaber Worries Measures 41 & 48 Will Doom Oregon Health Plan
Glenn Family Considering Civil Suit In Police Shooting

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/18/2006 - Measure 39: Limiting Eminent Domain

1018_hogans.jpgSay you own a business on a run-down street corner. Now say the city wants something else there - perhaps another business, which might help spruce up the neighborhood.

Under current Oregon law, the city can force you to give up that property and move away, on two conditions. Number one, it has to pay you fair market value. And number two, it has to be for a legitimate reason that benefits the public.

That standard was upheld in a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, involving the city of New London, Connecticut. Oregon Ballot Measure 39 would change that standard for the state.

If passed, Measure 39 would prevent the government from using its eminent domain power to acquire private property for a public purpose, if the government intends to convey the property to another private owner.

Rob Manning visited a run-down street corner in Portland to learn more about the claims for and against Measure 39.
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Erickson Draws On Anti-Incumbent Vibe In Race Against Hooley
Cleaning Up Idaho's Toxic Silver Valley
Chasse's Family Disappointed By Grand Jury Finding

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/17/2006 - Changing The World, One Meal At A Time

1005_farmtotable.jpg Ask "where does food come from?" and you'll likely hear, "the grocery store."

For most of us, an arms-length relationship with the production and preparation of food is simply a fact of modern life. But a couple of organic farmers in Eastern Washington are taking an unusual approach to transcend the gap.

They invite chefs and culinary students to spend a week living farm to table. Correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson went for a taste.
Complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Measure 43 Supporters Launch TV Ad Campaign
'Saltier' Saline Could Save Lives
Food Retailers Partner To Fight Hunger

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/16/2006 - Registering Young Voters For The Good Of The Democracy

1016_vote2.jpg After weeks of flagging down students in dorms and on sidewalks, a coalition of Oregon non-profits said Monday it's registered 18,000 college students to vote.

That was the goal, and it's one day before the voter registration deadline. A bigger goal of 28,000 young people is in sight, as well.

The effort is geared toward getting Oregonians who often ignore politics to pay attention. Rob Manning has more on the impact young voters could have on next month's election.
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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Measure 42: Using Credit Scores To Determine Insurance Premiums
Duncan Pleads Guilty, Family Members Express Relief
'Suicide' Removed From Death With Dignity Act
Preferred Drug List Worked For A Short Time

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/12/2006 - Poop Power Could Be Next Energy Frontier

1005_cows.jpgDairy cow manure could be the next frontier of alternative energy in the Northwest. Lord knows, there's plenty of it around here. Machinery called a "digester" can turn poop into power.

This fall, the biggest digesters built to date in Washington and Idaho go online. Correspondent Tom Banse reports from south-central Idaho.
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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Military Needs Accelerate Takeoff For Washington Company
Peruvian Sheepherders: At Home In Idaho

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/11/2006 - Business Groups Unite Against Measures 41 & 48

1011_capitol.jpgOregon's largest business organizations came out Wednesday against two initiatives on the November ballot to cut taxes and cap state spending.

Associated Oregon Industries, the Oregon Business Association, and the Oregon Business Council are throwing their collective weight behind a campaign to defeat Ballot Measures 41 and 48.
Complete article...
Election 2006 coverage from OPB News

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Weapons-Related Expulsions Rate Rises, Again
Feds Laud Portland's Drop In Homeless Population
New Faces And Renewed Hustle Mark 2006-07 Blazers
Think Homegrown Eats Are Cheap? Think Again

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/10/2006 - Property Rights Issue On Your Ballot? Consider Measure 37

This November, voters in Washington and Idaho will cast ballots on property rights measures.

Before you vote you might want to consider what's happened in Oregon.

Two years ago voters there passed Measure 37. But as correspondent Austin Jenkins reports, it hasn't been a clear victory for people who want to be compensated when the government regulates their land.
Complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Schools Superintendent Calls For Saxton To Stop Running Ad
Police Dog Academies Face Growing Demand For K-9 Teams

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/9/2006 - Former New York Mayor Giuliani Stumps For Saxton

1009_rudy1.jpgFormer New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani stumped in Portland Monday for Republican candidate for governor Ron Saxton.

Giuliani and Saxton share a rare position among Republican Party leaders: they support abortion rights. Yet Saxton won the support of the Oregon Right to Life, though the group stopped short of a full endorsement.

Complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
OSU Center Breaks Bridges To Build For The Future
Kitzhaber, Babbitt Call For Snake River Dam Removal
Peace Vigil Still Going Strong In Corvallis
'Oregon Thrives' Initiative Hopes To Reduce Poverty

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/5/2006 - Tiny Idaho Town Considers Gun-Ownership Ordinance

City officials in a tiny town near the Idaho-Oregon border are considering an ordinance that encourages residents to arm themselves. And they want would-be criminals to know it.

But the attention they're getting might be more than they bargained for.

Correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson explains.

Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Portland Protesters Take Part In "World Can't Wait"
Judgment Upheld Against Sizemore; Labor Groups Applaud
Bill Lunch On Oregon Politics This Week

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/4/2006 - Future Looks Sweet For NW Cranberry Growers

The cranberry harvest has begun in the Pacific Northwest. The ruby red berries that grace our Thanksgiving tables grow in coastal peat bogs.

The farms are sprinkled between Bandon, Oregon and the suburbs of Vancouver, BC.

Seven years ago, Northwest cranberry growers were pushed to the brink by a crash in wholesale prices. But now cranberries are again a hot commodity. Correspondent Tom Banse reports on the upswing.

Complete article...


Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Biscuit Salvage Will Cost Forest Service $2 Million
Nurses, Union Leaders Rally Against NLRB Decision
Speaker Minnis 'Spaced' Israel Trip Report To Commission
Oregon Sees Decline In High School Dropout Rate

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/3/2006 - Millions Still Waiting To Be Spent In Measure Battles

The first campaign finance reports due in Monday show that millions of dollars are ready to be unleashed for and against Oregon's ten ballot measures. It's hard to trace the money directly.

Complete article...
Election 2006 Coverage From OPB News


Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Measure 45: New Blood vs. Experience
Addressing The Housing-Schools Connection
Oil and Gas Companies Set Sights on Northwest

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Posted by Michael Clapp

10/2/2006 - Seattle Attorney Dominates Food-Borne Illness Litigation

0929_ecoli_lawyer.jpg If your kid gets E. coli poisoning, who ya gonna call?

These days people from across the country dial-up Seattle attorney Bill Marler -- sometimes before they talk to the health department. He's made his name and his fortune suing the food industry to the tune of a quarter-billion dollars.

Now, as correspondent Austin Jenkins reports, he's going to bat for victims of the recent spinach E. coli outbreak.

Complete article...


Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Quiet, Steady Eruption At Mt St Helens Starts 2nd Year
Oregon City Course Hosts Blind Golf Championship
Three Cases From Oregon To Be Heard By Supreme Court
Feds Cite Conflict Of Interest In U of O Ed Programs

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Posted by Michael Clapp

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