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2/28/2007 - Mixing Washington Grapes With Gem State Charm

0228_wine.jpgNorthwest wines generate buzz -- in every sense of the word. So it's no surprise that wineries now rank alongside espresso bars and day spas as must-have amenities for resort towns throughout the region.

No vineyard? No problem.

Correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson visited a North Idaho winery that's making something special from a fine blend of Washington State grapes and Gem State opportunity.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
No Free Lunch: WA Lawmaker Proposes Ban On Lobbyist Gifts And Meals
Bill Would Require Prescription Contraceptive Coverage By Insurers
Task Force Recommends Two Hospitals To Replace Crumbling State Facility
'Core Curriculum' Latest Headache For Portland Schools

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/27/2007 - Counties Turn To Tax Hikes In Lieu Of Federal Funding

An environmental group unveiled a new idea Tuesday aimed at replacing the county payments system. It would split federal lands into two and increase logging on one half while preserving the other. It would also require an act of Congress.

Meanwhile, Oregon's 18 most rural counties are facing deep cuts totaling $200 million. That means hundreds of police officers, public health nurses and other staff are facing lay-offs.

As Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, several counties are looking at increasing taxes to retain those services, but many voters aren't enamored with the idea.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Senator Smith Proposes Tobacco Tax Increase
Proposed Bill Would Allow Judges To Decrease Traffic Fines
Oregon Lawmakers Take A Pass On Rainy Day Fund
Group Maps Demographic Trends On Its 'Regional Equity Atlas'

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/26/2007 - Can Seafood Be Organic?

0226_organic1.jpgNorthwest salmon farmers, trout breeders, and shellfish growers want to jump into the fast-growing organic category.

They're lobbying the government to set standards and begin certifying organic seafood so you can buy it.

Oddly enough, some environmental campaigners are trying to deep six this organic expansion. Correspondent Tom Banse has more.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Cycling Activists Seek New Laws To Protect Bike Riders
Western Governors Sign Greenhouse Gas Agreement
Hormone Replacement Claimants Call For Drug Ban
Siberian Tigers As Pets?

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/22/2007 - Meet The Palouse's Almost-Famous Artist

0222_palouse.jpgThe work of Northwest painter Gaylen Hansen is known to collectors and fellow artists worldwide.

But he chooses to keep his life and career outside spotlight of the urban art world.

Recently correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson visited with the artist of the Palouse to find out why.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Sheriff's Deputy Placed On Unpaid Leave During Investigation
Lawmakers Poised To Bring The 'Bottle Bill' Into The 21st Century
Portland Parks Bureau Weighing Role Of Private Sponsorship
Faced With Impounding Boats, Charleston's Harbormaster Resigns

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/21/2007 - Idaho Game Farms Find Themselves In The Cross-hairs

0221_gamefarm.jpgIdaho is in the throes of a heated debate over ranches that offer big game hunting within a fenced enclosure.

An effort to ban these so-called "canned hunts" could have major consequences for another burgeoning industry as well.

As correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports, all game farms that raise elk in captivity now find themselves in the crosshairs of an emotional battle.

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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Will The 'Beacon Bill' Make Mt. Hood Safer?
Eugene Environmentalist Urges Truckers To Clean Up Their Rigs
Law Agencies Hold Child Exploitation Conference
Lack Of Salmon Puts Snake River Study On Hold

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/20/2007 - 'Northwest Medical Teams' Becomes 'Medical Teams International'

0220_namechange.jpg Northwest Medical Teams became Medical Teams International on Tuesday.

The Portland-headquartered, faith-based agency currently has medical teams in 10 countries and sends about 180 teams each year.

President Bas Vanderzalm stopped by our Portland studios to talk with Allison Frost about the group's name change and current work.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Adams Wants Retirement Benefits For Same-Sex Couples
Portland Police Revise Suspect Transport Policy
Court Overturns Judgment Against Philip Morris
'Canned' Hunts Provoke Emotional Debate

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/15/2007 - Wanted: Country Doctor

0215_ruraldoc.jpgIt's slim pickings if you need a doctor in rural parts of the Northwest. Small and remote towns have a hard time attracting and keeping medical professionals.

Pomeroy, Washington is facing that problem...again.

The eastern Washington community will try once more to sell "small town life" to big town doctors. Chana Joffe-Walt reports.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Eugene Symphony Pays Tribute To Missing Members
New Signs Help Walkers Navigate The City
Multnomah County Hopes To Appease Measure 37 Sponsor

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/14/2007 - Cattle Rustling, Family Feuds, And Murder In Isolated Eastern Oregon Town

0214_flora2.jpgIt sounds like a tale straight out of the Wild West: Accusations of cattle-rustling; a man on horseback shot from his saddle; a long-standing family feud.

But this landscape isn't open plains and tumbleweeds -- instead think mountains and snowdrifts. Local writer Rich Wandschneider describes it this way:

Rich Wandschneider: "If you want to think you're in heaven, you know, go ice-skating on Wallowa Lake sometime. You're like the only person in the world, and that God made it for you. And then for this other thing to go on..."

That "other thing" unfolded last month in the tiny northeast Oregon town of Flora. Two men were shot dead in a barnyard.

We sent OPB's Rob Manning to Wallowa County, where Dennis Beach and Shane Huntsman were killed. His report details much of what happened to the Beach family in January, and how it squares with life in a remote part of Oregon.

Complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Oregon Zoo Prepares Elephant For Tusk-Removal Surgery
Ports Begin To Impound Boats Of Idled Salmon Fishermen
Hearings Begin For Changes To Initiative Petition Process
UO Names Donor As Athletic Director
Looking For Love In The Lonely West

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/13/2007 - Looking For Love In The Emerald City

0213_undateable.jpgIn honor of Valentines Day, we're asking this question -- how do people find love?

Especially those of you who have good reason to think you won't find it.

We sent reporter Chana Joffe-Walt out to the city and the country to find some answers.

First, we bring you one Seattle woman who is probably one of those undatable people.
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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
OSU Climate Change Conference Offers Ideas To Foresters
Oregon Lawmakers Consider Full-Day Kindergarten
Oregon House Passes Payday Loan Package

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/12/2007 - John Callahan: 'Touch Me Someplace I Can Feel'

0212_johncallahan.jpgCartoonist John Callahan has "the soul of a poet and the mind of an assassin."

That's how Willamette Week editor Mark Zusman describes the paper's syndicated cartoonist. His description appears in a movie about Callahan that premiered this week at the Portland International Film Festival.

He stopped by our Portland studios before the premier to talk about his old art and new craft.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Sen. Smith Vows Filibuster Over County Payments Program
'Our Building Is Burned, But Our Passion Is Renewed'
Portland Schools Look To Enhance 'Enrichment' Programs

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/8/2007 - Family Of James Chasse Jr. Files Federal Suit

The family of the mentally ill man, James Chasse Jr, who died after being chased down and subdued by three police officers, filed suit in federal court Thursday.

Kristian Foden-Vencil spoke to their lawyer at a press conference this afternoon and joins us live in the studio.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Smith Among GOP Senators Calling For Debate On Iraq
WA Democrats See Political Danger In Gun Control Measures
How Can You Drive If You Can't Read The Signs?

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/7/2007 - Political Group Targets Sen. Smith In TV Ads

0207_smith_v_150.jpgIn another sign that Democrats are targeting Senator Gordon Smith's re-election bid next year, a new ad against the Oregon Republican goes up on Portland television stations this week.

The ad comes from, a group dedicated to winning Congressional seats for Democrats. They see Senator Smith as vulnerable in next year's election because he's a Republican from a state that leans Democratic.

Smith has criticized President Bush's plans to send 21,000 more American troops to Iraq.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Officials See Need For More Rural Doctors
No Answers Yet In Portland Church Fire
Portland Will Open Single-Sex 'Academies'
Astoria Man Killed In Iraq

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/6/2007 - Four-Alarm Fire Guts Portland Church

0206_church4.jpgA four-alarm fire gutted a historic church in Northeast Portland Monday night.

The Morning Star Missionary Baptist church stood on Irving Street, at Rodney. The building was over 100 years old.

The heat from the intense flames singed rose bushes and lawns across the street.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Oregon And Washington Team Up For Cheaper Prescription Drugs
Are 'Earmarking' Cuts A Threat To NW Agriculture Research?
Woman Sues Religious Order Over Sexual Abuse
City, County Leaders Team Up For Future Of Portland-Metro Area

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/5/2007 - War Critic Watada Faces Court Martial

0205_watada.jpg The court-martial trial for Army Lt. Ehren Watada, who refused to deploy to Iraq, is under way at Fort Lewis in Washington state. Watada faces up to four years in the stockade.

Watada joined the Army in 2003. He says he supported U.S. policy — until he did some reading, and decided the invasion had been illegal. Last year, when the order to deploy to Iraq came down, he resisted.

"I view what we're doing in Iraq, in conduct and inception, as in clear violation of my oath. If I'm forced to go in there, I have no other choice, I have to refuse," he said.

Complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Washington Not Likely to Follow Texas HPV Vaccine Mandate
Registered Nurses Join In Emergency Response Network
Governor's Bill Would Put A Hold On Most Measure 37 Claims

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Posted by Michael Clapp

2/1/2007 - How to Prevent Meth Use?

How do you go about keeping people off of methamphetamine? Idaho thinks a new aggressive in-your-face advertising campaign might do the trick.

Washington and Oregon say that kind of approach is not for them. Chana Joffe-Walt reports.

Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Feds Step Up Inspection of Forest Contractors
Oregon Progress Board Releases Its Latest Survey
Mush! Sled Dog Races Multiply And Diversify In Northwest

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Posted by Michael Clapp

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