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3/29/2007 - Nursing Home Residents File Class-Action Lawsuit

Elderly residents of an assisted living home in Sheridan have filed a lawsuit against the owners -- saying they're charging for services that aren't provided. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Prison Reform: NW Inmates Enroll In Therapeutic Communities
Latino Soap Opera Has Drama And A Health Message
Three Houses Or Less? Use Measure 37's 'Express Lane'

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/28/2007 - Freightliner Employees Seek Jobs To Replace Those Sent To Mexico

0328_freightliner2.jpgThe last 'Coronado' Freightliner truck to be built in the U.S. will roll off a Portland factory line this week. The company is shifting its production to Mexico.

800 welders, machinists and others, lose their positions Friday.

A job fair was held Wednesday to try and find work for those people. Some of those workers are frustrated to see their jobs go to other countries.

And as Kristian Foden-Vencil reports, some labor activists contend the Freightliner layoffs are a direct result of international trade agreements, which they say have gone too far.

At right Freightliner's founder Leland James
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Divergent Polls Show Sen. Smith's Future Uncertain
Portland, PGE Gear Up For Court Battle
Voters Could Consider Change To Double Majority Rule
Oregon Legislature Debates School Junk Food Ban

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/27/2006 - Feds May Help Pay For Portland's Big Pipe Project

0327_bigpipe.jpgSome of Portland's sewer pipes are nearly 100 years old. And they're beginning to show their age.

City residents are paying big water bills to fix the system.

The federal government has money available to help cities like Portland. However, as Capitol Hill correspondent Chad Pergram reports, the White House is throwing up some big roadblocks.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Oregon Lawmakers Plan Tour Of Rural Counties
Three Indicted In Prison Foods Scandal
Higher Education Advocates Push For More Funds

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/26/2007 - Oregon Pet Owners Continue To Report Food Poisonings

0323_pebbles.jpgPet owners in Oregon are continuing to report concerns that their animals may have been poisoned by contaminated pet food.

Investigators found Menu Food pet food was causing animals to fall ill and in some cases die.

The Canadian company recalled 60 million cans and pouches of pet food from the U.S.

Veterinarians across Oregon have been reporting suspected cases of pet poisoning to the state Public Health Veterinarian Emilio DeBess, and the director of the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, Glenn Kolb.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Fear And Anger After Border Patrol Dragnet
Disputed Play on Gaza Activist Debuts in Seattle
Counselors Try To Convince Lawmakers They Deserve To Be Paid

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/22/2007 - Gourd Art Is A Passion For Some

0322_gourd.jpgAs agricultural products go, gourds tend to be oddly-shaped, tough, and not the least bit tasty. But in the hands of an artist, the humble fruit becomes a 360-degree canvas.

Gourd art is growing in popularity. Correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson recently spent time with one Idaho woman whose gourd patch is fertile ground for creativity.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Ducks In The Sweet Sixteen, Peace And Goodwill Reign Over Oregon
Education Dollars Sticking Point In Legislative Budgets
Edwards Leads Democrats In Organization In Oregon

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/21/2007 - Music And Poetry And Robert Pinsky

0321_pinsky.jpgEven if you're not a particular fan of poetry, David Biespiel's name, may have a familiar ring.

The Oregonian newspaper runs his poetry column each month. And he's published several books of poetry.

His latest -- a collection of Northwest poets -- just won the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award. He's also brought back to life the magazine, Poetry Northwest, which was the longest running such journal in the country.

David Biespiel joined us earlier to talk about the new issue and the lecture series he's launching, starting with former U.S. poet laureate, Robert Pinsky (photo at right).

Click here to listen to David Biespiel read a poem by Robert Pinsky

Click here to hear more of the interview with David Biespiel.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Internet Safety: The Newest School Subject
Oregon Senate Passes Non-Discrimination Bill
Interior Secretary Kempthorne Unveils 'Healthy Lands' Initiative

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/20/2006 - It's A Cool Bus, It's A School Bus, It's A Party On Wheels

0320_coolbus.jpgFor many, weekend preparations mean making plans to get from Bar A to Pub B. One increasingly popular way to do that that is by party bus.

From the vineyards of Oregon to downtown Spokane, the private bus business is in overdrive.

Correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson recently spent an evening on one of the Northwest's more boisterous buses and has this story.
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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Democrats Attach County Payments To War Supplimental
Schools Still Need Parents' Fundraising For Arts Programs
Idaho Gov. Vetos Food Sales Tax Cut
The Cost Of War In Rural Oregon

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/19/2007 - Deaths Of Claimants Can Add To Measure 37 Headaches

When Dennis Beach was fatally shot two months ago in Northeastern Oregon, it involved a family feud and possibly cattle rustling. But Monday afternoon, commissioners in Wallowa County looked at the property implications of Beach's death.

Before he died, Dennis Beach had filed a claim under property compensation initiative Measure 37.

Rob Manning reports on what death means to a claim -- and whether state lawmakers might act to change that.
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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Feds Double Money To Dig A Deeper Columbia
Canadian Pet-Food Manufacturer Announces Massive Recall
Practitioners Hoping For Relaxed Animal Massage Licensing Requirements
Portlanders Mark War's Official Anniversary With Subdued Rally
Iraq War's Anniversary Draws Comparisons To Vietnam

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/15/2007 - Rare Bunnies Back In The Wild

0315_bunny1.jpgOne of the most endangered animals in the Northwest is getting a second shot at freedom.

Twenty Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits have been returned to the wild in north central Washington.

Five years ago, the few remaining pygmy rabbits there were rounded up and placed in a captive breeding program. Correspondent Tom Banse has an early Easter tale.
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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Rainy Day Plan Passes Senate, Awaits Governor's Signature
Scientists Say 50-Percent Cascade Snowpack Decline Is Wrong
Author Writes About Her Trip Through The Infertility 'Vortex'
Should Oregon Join The Crowded 'Super-Duper Tuesday' Primary?

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/14/2007 - Former Gov. Kitzhaber Kicks Off Health Care Overhaul Plan

0314_childhealth2.jpgSeveral hundred healthcare advocates rallied on the steps of the State Capitol Wednesday to voice support for the "Archimedes Movement."

Championed by former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, the movement aims to completely overhaul healthcare in this country.

That national overhaul is designed to start with the passage of local Senate Bill 27. Kristian Foden-Vencil was there, and has this report.
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Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Sens. Wyden And Smith Begin Hearings On Health Care Reform
Global Warming Has A Goose Face In The Northwest
Eight Plaintiffs Settle Abuse Suits With Portland Archdiocese
Romney Raises Funds In Portland For '08 Presidential Bid

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/13/2007 - The Portland-Tweety Bird Connection

0313_cartoon.jpgWarner Brothers' character Tweety Bird hardly needs an introduction -- and he was voiced by a man whose name may be almost as familiar: Mel Blanc. He grew up in Portland and made his radio debut at KGW.

He's just one of many animators and cartoon character voice-over artists featured in a three-week-long "Cartoon Extravaganza."

The cartoons are part of film archivist Dennis Nyback's collection.

Dennis Nyback joined Allison Frost to talk about the unusual number of Oregon cartoonists and animators he's discovered.

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Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Is Springfield Ready For Its Simpsons Close-Up?
Portland Hosts US Squash Championships
Jury Hears Testimony To Determine Diocese's Bill For Abuse
Ed Officials Release Report On Special Needs Students

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/12/2007 - Mining Town Turns On Mining

0312_jacksonvillest1.jpgTourists flock to Jacksonville, Oregon to soak up its old-west ambiance.

Now, area residents say that ambiance is being threatened by plans to open a mine on the outskirts of town. But the mine is the same one that made Jacksonville wealthy in the first place.

Correspondent Chris Lehman has more from southwest Oregon.

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Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
Portland Company Hopes New Technology Will Cut Down On Wasted Paper And Ink
Eugene City Council To Vote On Iraq War Resolution
Portland Film Wins "Best Picture" In 48-Hour Film Competition
Glitches And Contract Disputes Push Computerized Tests Offline

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/8/2007 - Salem Lawmakers Hoping To Eliminate 'Double Majority' Requirement

0308_pioneerman.jpgOregon lawmakers are considering a constitutional amendment to reduce the impact of what's known as the double majority. That's the requirement that local property tax levies can only pass if more than half the registered voters participate, even of a majority of those voting support it.

Local governments and schools say the double majority makes it difficult to raise taxes, but supporters of the requirement say that's the point. Colin Fogarty reports.

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Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
House Leaders Hoping For One-Year Extension Of County Payments Program
New Agreement Could Save Unraveling Rainy-Day Fund Deal
Portland Police Extending Precinct Hours To Midnight
- View an audio slideshow of the Baby Loves Disco event

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/7/2007 - Ruling May Bring An End To Old-Growth Logging On Mt. Hood

0307_hood.jpgA federal judge signed an order this week that environmentalists say effectively ends "old growth logging" on Mount Hood.

Forestry industry reps say that when Judge Michael Mosman blocked the timber sale, its impact was limited. And as Rob Manning reports, the decision comes in a forest debate that's been complicated by financial pressure.

Complete article...

Also on Wednesday's Oregon Considered
Oregon And Washington Try Different Approaches To Gay Rights
Oregon's Former US Attorney Weighs In On Firings
Charity, One Person At A Time
Portland Considers Life After Cheap Oil

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/6/2007 - Bombs, Tanks Shoot Down Roadside Avalanches

0305_avalanche1.jpgWould you believe that the Washington Department of Transportation deploys two Vietnam-era army tanks each winter?

Or that the Idaho Transportation Department has permits for "helibombing."

Highway crews use the heavy weaponry to shoot down roadside avalanches.

A visit by a book author highlights a hundred year trend of increasingly aggressive measures to control avalanches in the Northwest.

Complete article...

Also on Tuesday's Oregon Considered
Portland Resident Leads Effort To Catch Online Sex Predators
Castillo Wants More Authority Over OSAA League Changes
Former Seattle U.S. Attorney Tells Senate Committee He Felt Threatened
Seattle Novelty Store a Living Shrine to Pop Culture

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/5/2007 - Love's Affair with America (A Problem With Barak-mania)

0305_obama.jpg Selma, Alabama was in the news over the weekend. Two top presidential candidates were there to mark the anniversary of a milestone in the civil rights movement.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are competing hard for the votes of African Americans in 2008. Obama's star has risen so fast -- and Portland commentator Ronault Catalani says all that attention may come at a price.

Complete article...

Also on Monday's Oregon Considered
The Battle Over Payday Lending In Washington
Mt. Hood Rescuees Raise Money For Rescuers
Districts Looking For New Ways To Pay For New Schools

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Posted by Michael Clapp

3/1/2007 - NW Japanese-Americans Reflect On WWII Internment

0301_internment.jpg65 years ago Friday, the federal government issued the proclamation that triggered the internment of Japanese Americans.

The order targeted only the coastal portions of Northwest states. Japanese people who lived inland were allowed to stay. But even though they weren't sent away to remote desert camps, their lives were forever changed.

Correspondent Elizabeth Wynne Johnson brings us the stories of two Japanese-Americans who experienced the war years in Spokane -- on the uneasy outskirts of internment.
Complete article...

Also on Thursday's Oregon Considered
Oregon Iron Works Kicks-Off Streetcar Manufacture
Senators Grill Forest Service Heads Over County Payments Program
Compromise Reached On Rainy Day Fund

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Posted by Michael Clapp

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